Mike Brown was a teenager living in Ferguson, Missouri. Who for 18 full years, had dared to live while black. In a place where black people are the clear majority. But where police and other Government power is dominated by a minority white count. Now we can be sure that since this has been so highlighted, redistricting will be engineered and probably succeed, to keep the racist status quo intact.

On August 9th of 2014, Mike experienced his last day alive on earth. He and a friend went to get cigarettes from a store, his friend has told us. But at some point after entering the store, Mike decided to take the cigarettes and not pay. He roughed up the store employee to get away with his wrong action. And someone called the police to report Mike’s “wrong”. And when the police arrived, he found someone walking on the street that fit the suspect’s description. And with that, he slowed his car, and asked Mike and his friend to get off the road, and onto the sidewalk. What happened next has many conflicting versions. But according to the friend who was with Mike, Mike was eventually peppered with several police bullets, some while his hands were up in the air.

The officer who killed Mike (not for the action of stealing) now states that Mike looked like a demon, not a man. And this demonization of black people we must remember; is a tried and true racist prelude to justify any and all wrongs to black folks.

In utter frustration, some in Ferguson took to the streets and rioted, after the Grand Jury’s unexpected results. But yet again, according to racist logic (which embraces the wars and tyranny that white people have deployed to take land and resources from others around the world, and which sympathize with mainly white teen school killers, and adult serial murderers and rapists) a black teenager who roughed up a storekeeper to steal less than $50 worth of cigarettes must be seen as a vicious monster, who deserved to be shot down for the crime of stealing cigarettes, while unarmed.

According to Rudy Juliani’s, Donald Trump’s and other perfect white people, Mike “caused” the good policemen to kill him. And now all black people ought to feel ashamed and retreat to our quiet and meek corners, rather than rioting, to release abundant pent-up rage, from the perpetual injustice, that White Supremacy Racism daily deploys.

Racists have now recorded this action as a pathology of black people. While they never condemn the numerous times that whites burned down, looted, and massacred whole black communities; who dared to succeed in the U.S., in-spite of Jim Crow. They never pondered that the revered Founding Fathers were racist hypocrites, many of whom had slaves and created offspring with slaves, whom they had no problem selling those children for a profit. And from their racist elevated mindset and positions, they still authored the founding laws of the land. Meaning that from the beginning laws were made to undermine the rights of black people. And up to today, new laws are simply redesigned to do same. The following link is for eight    of the successful black communities, that envious and rabidly racist whites burned to the ground and massacred inhabitants, then carried off many spoils.
Atlanta Black Star

It should be noted that racist humans are a very special group. They seem to have a permanently set internal pause barometer to justify and excuse the most evil and vile behavior in themselves as Godly, acceptable and forgivable, while finding it impossible to tolerate the exponentially lesser degree of petty crime committed by someone black. They’ll band together in one voice always, to “excuse” the white person who (for instance raped and kill a black baby), then rush to execute the baby’s mother who got in the face of the criminal, and will cite that the mother took the law in her hand in the form of “bumptious walking” or vigilantism for example, and thus somehow, she did the greater wrong.

From that mindset of humans, is also seen a degree of envy that boggles the mind of rational souls. And thus it doesn’t matter that gains of black people might only be “relative” crumbs. It matters not, racists still won’t tolerate. And worse, whatever blacks have that they can’t gain naturally, (like skin melanin) becomes the reason, that black people must forever be kept down, and controlled.

It is for that reason that white people’s religious narrative about blackness and darkness, has been condemned even by the God, who supposedly created all of mankind. As if a God who created mankind and put us on a sun-dependent planet, could really not see that color is what is in the covering of most of earth’s lifeforms, both animals and plants.

So what else are we to conclude today, when we’re able to know so much better, than before. Is it not reasonable to conclude (based on consistent overwhelming actions) that since whites are not the key owners of skin pigmentation, and their subconscious informs them that that is a crucial   and precious commodity for the successful survival of humans on a sun- dependent planet, then they must forever condemn blackness and darkness, in all the ways they can?

Therefore, those now endowed with it the most, will surrender to them in fear. Not knowing that their hated blackness hold the key to the survival and replenishment of mankind, just in case. Black people fail to know that blackness is a crucial adaptation on a sun-dependent planet. Consequently, the majority of “racist evil” towards black people, will be seen to compel us to act inferior and live in deprived oppressed conditions; while black tax dollars, along with that of all others, go to increase white privileges and wealth.

They’ve got us trapped to fear their God more than they do, which was the most brilliant trick they could’ve devised and deployed. And from that background, once again, in utter hopelessness and cluelessness, to the fact that racist whites have used their God and Bible to keep us arguing to remain just where they’re more comfortable; after the disappointing Grand Jury’s decision, black people predictably resorted to praising God, which if we were truly honest, we’d see that in terms of the exponential evil we’ve suffered for so many centuries, the relatively few who’ve made it big, could truly be considered as, zero, zilch, zero, and naught. So how can we insist on the same M.O., century after century to fight the same problem, and get relatively nothing, and not see that that’s the definition, of being insane?

It is from the insanity of doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results, that I am now offering my humble insight, to my brothers and sisters worldwide. Those who’re truly ready to leave the known comfort zone of painful oppression, and instead, do things, to bring us more tangible and sustainable upward mobility, and peace of mind.

Our blackness is a blessing and a crucial adaptation for the sun black people. No matter what we’d previously been told. Negro-black humans are mankind’s prototype. And just as whites once told themselves the lie that they were the most superior and parents of all others, (which we now know to be untrue, yet it still enabled them to become the most powerful in a relatively short period). So too black people, we must understand that whether we can prove it or not, developing a new paradigm with a self empowering mantra, will relatively quickly remove us from the dismal state we’re in collectively worldwide. I repeat, we must design, and realize a greater belief system, for finally overcoming, than anything we’ve accepted before.

If we commit to it, and attend to it, it is possible for every black child and adult to understand, that with no scales and abundance of hair, to shield, and nurture the outside of the first humans, blackened skin surface was the most crucial survival ingredient that nature devised. It therefore never was! Not now is, and can NEVER Be! a curse due to sin.

And without those first humans perfecting this crucial ingredient; others with less or no skin melanin; would have had no chance of coming alive and thriving today. Yet when the whites who instrumented racism realized this, it drove them to unimaginable heights of hate and envy for the most melinated humans, with Negroid features and hair. And that short-sight still continues today, in the form of ungratefulness, brutality and hate, that only serves to deny all humans of true peace on earth, and less overall stress.

And still, it was they who wrote that from darkness God called forth light and all manifestations. So even from their Christian standpoint, blackness    is the womb; that birthed everything our eyes can see. How then, did they manage to include in that same book, that black-skin-color and coiled follicles are signs of God’s curse?

And why do we continue to believe this in varying degrees black people? Which by accepting; we’ve diminished our true power, in the eyes of others, who want us to remain ignorant, of who we truly are.

How could we live on this sun-dependent planet; with abundant evidence that pigmented exteriors are the most dominant state for animals and plants, and still feel fearful, that to let go of Bible lies and nonsense, we’ll be disobeying God, and should expect his wrath? As is any wrath that God could still have, could be worse than what we’ve been enduring for the past 500 years. Why do we still have Western dictionaries and the Bible convincing each new generation of impressionable-minded school children, that black is: Evil, Wicked, Cursed, without morals, Worthy of condemnation and equal to sin?

We claim that only the truth will set us free, yet we consciously accept such blatant lies about us, from religion and academics; and not expect the reckless killings of our black men to continue; without new self-knowledge; to confront and defuse racism at its core.

Let us teach them that blackness is a crucial adaptation; for the first humans. And which many who lack it have envied; and therefore projected malicious lies about it, to justify eventual terror, injustices and deaths? Why do we still allow ourselves to be convinced black people; that light obliterates darkness? Instead of seeing that when light is turned on in a dark room, the ubiquitous, omnipresent darkness (which always encompasses light) simply refrains from dominating; or reigning on light’s parade. Then it immediately returns without delaying; when light no longer needs to be on stage.

Black and White, Light and Dark are like Ying and Yang black people. Both are necessary, and one is no more important than the other. And without their contrasting nature; the benefit of each we would not appreciate.

So hold up your hands for Mike’s death, and for strength of his Attorney to go on, black people. That Attorney who we’re now understanding, has long been working behind the scenes, to right these wrongs. Hold our hands up for the thousands of other black youths; who were killed by each other; out of hopelessness and poverty. Or by black or white police officers, who see black as inferior to white.


Keep open your minds I ask you black people. To address more of the inconvenient truths I know we don’t want to hear. But which must be dealt with differently in this new millennium and century. If better we want, for young black males.

What great strengths are we perming away black women? When the majority still will never allow our naturally helixed (like DNA) strands, to ever be number one choice -not even in death? But, might those unique coils hold the secret weapon; to help our sons deflect the energy of racist hate?
Do we not know that our skin, with the hair it carries; is the biggest organ   of our bodies? Do we not know that our skin is also a seat of emotion? Consequently, when we dis those two, we’re emitting signal to the universe and all others; that we want to be diminished and even made void!

How can that not affect the psychic of our sons in utero? Who can sense the distaste we hold for ourselves, and by extension they? And should we not prepare them to arrive, knowing themselves, and valuing their unique selves, to override the racism that has been programmed in mankind for     so long?

Some of the blackest parents still denounce their children daily, about their black skin and uniquely helixed hair? So can we not see that our self-hate is so internalized and normalized? That we can do this, without the least concern for what we do.

And I know that we adopted these self-hating policies; when benefits from our minds and bodies others denied us have. At which times, we had to knowingly work against our own best interest -as was demanded- if we wanted to live, and perpetuate the race.

We couldn’t do better before we knew better, and were free to do better.  And that time has come, and we must think and act anew. And while I’ll acknowledge that racism contributed to the deaths of Mike, Darrien, Trayvon, and countless other youths of color. Black people! We must now see that racism’s poisonous arrows could not succeed in piercing and killing us so often. If we could reject Bible lies to which we’re so committed; that ground us securely, to emit energy vibrations, for attracting: Stop and frisking, incessant profiling, demonizing, and dehumanizing, chronic terror, siege and denial of freedom for normalcy to our lives.

The greater power is still in how we think about ourselves black people, and when we know that, when we come to Know Ourselves as our ancient ancestors admonished, then, and only then, will we fully realize, that the answers were never up in Heaven with a race and gender specific deity. But instead, it has always been in the way we think and feel about ourselves.

Others love themselves, and their self-love teach others how to treat them. And ‘though they still live with unfounded fear of us, to justify when they kill us; leaders amongst them have long realized that it didn’t matter even if they indoctrinated a self-empowering lie as their collective mantra. All that mattered is that they believe and daily act likewise. And as is evident, they’ve been rewarded with a disproportionate degree of power and wealth.

We’re governed by mystic laws of nature black people, that does not demand that you have to be good, to get good coming to you most of the time. We only have to feel good and deserving about ourselves mostly, never allowing anyone to convince us ever again, that we’re inferior to them. We know for a fact, that the means they employed to receive their abundance, have repeatedly been at our expense. So they simply devised and practiced a new and more empowering paradigm, then have us fooled, that it’s due to good works for which their God saw fit to reward. But we know that that good work includes the enslavement of Africa and Africans on a wide scale for at least 5 centuries. So black people, please let us stop jiving ourselves.

Let us delete the abundant nonsense with which we’ve been programmed for centuries. Then copy and keep the M.O. of anyone else, that we know work. And now that we have hindsight to ours and their wrongs, we need not include anyone’s wrongs in the new paradigm we decide. We must appreciate that white people on the whole, never fail to love themselves collectively; no matter what manner of evil some amongst them have done, and are doing, they still embrace themselves. Then they turn right around and harshly scold us, to collectively condemn anyone amongst us, who even dare to commit a petty crime.

Black people of Ferguson Missouri, and blacks Americans on the American continents of North and South. Black people in Europe, Asia, Antarctica and Australia, and most of all, black people on the black motherland of Africa. Please! Oh please I beg you; let-go of outdated God-fearing which has mostly crippled and corroded our thinking; and prevents us from knowing, nurturing, loving and restoring ourselves.

Let us collectively commit to step-up our self-assessment and restoration; which has been denied from the time our ancestors were released from centuries of torture, deaths and raping; into a world that did not allow Reconstruction to occur. Instead, our ancestors, in all of the Americas, not just the U.S. were immediately rounded up by the police for the booming new business of prison labor. And thus, our overworked ancestors; whose descendants still often get less pay for equal work today, or no work at all, and inferior education, have never fully experienced the emancipation that was assigned.

Nonetheless, in-spite of non-compensation for the horrific crimes against our ancestors, and by extension us; they still struggled incessantly, so that today we have some semblance of freedom; which; while producing only menial equality, is still considered too much by some.

These foundational things our youths need to understand clearly. In order to go into the world with the right mindset to rise above the depravity of racist: greed, envy, arrogance and evil; which are shielded in pronouncements, that we are monsters, while their perverted monstrosities are good and refined.

Our sons must know that those who demonize them; are expressing their own fear of retaliation to the guilt that lives in their conscience. Consequently, many get trigger-happy and blood thirsty; in attempts to prevent us from doing to them, what they surely believe; we should constantly be thinking to do.

Their leaders have done a great job, at transforming their collective fear into a useful race/group mythology; which has emboldened them to repeatedly deny us, our “right to be”. And for too long we’ve ingested it all black people. So now we must accept that Garbage was programmed in, and said garbage must be rejected and deleted, for newer and better data to take its place.

So, there’s no way around it black people. Our chronic problems of debasement and oppression will not stop on the parts of racist. While they will, when we start to look in our mirrors daily and embrace the unique images that stares back. Then before we know it, new generations of black males will be born empowered “from womb to adulthood” to assiduously, and automatically emit thoughts of peace and power, when confronted by racists others; whose guilt and fear of revenge for ancestral inequities; compel them to shoot, maim, slander, demonize and kill, before questions are addressed.

Another thing black people, I realize that as parents of mankind, we cannot easily reconcile loving ourselves more, at the expense of anyone else, even those who hate and abuse us the most. But understand that loving the self first is your first obligation, right and duty. And it does not in any way mean, that you need to love anyone less. All humans feel better when receiving and sending out the energy of love into the world. Our ancestors of all color, did not understand this, and thus gave us erroneous thinking on that score. But now we have the power to delete the negative past, and reprogram positive love vibrations to become our default states, regardless of what others decide that they’d prefer to unleash, and receive.

It also doesn’t mean that the whole white race is rabidly racist. And it doesn’t mean that at all times in this journey, many whites have not identified the great wrongs of their race, and stepped forward to fight alongside black people to futilely end these great wrongs. It also doesn’t mean that there are not black persons who hate other blacks more than or equal to the most racist white. We’ve all been indoctrinated by the same Western education, with the same Bible, dictionaries and same academic disciplines, and the way that new information is accepted and credited for mainstream knowledge, is the same worldwide. New information must be corroborated by existing data. Consequently, when it comes to reinforcing and maintaining White Supremacy and Black Inferiority, the same lies are decade after decade revised and dressed up, to say the same thing, in more deceptive ways.

So, hold up both hands to the God of “no color or ethnicity” black people. That exists in all of nature at all times. Hold up both hands and forgive ourselves for our own self-disapproval, when better we did not understand; but nonetheless, a crime which continues to be downloaded to our children en-utero, and reinforced daily, when the secret powers in our skin and hair, we continue to undermine and decry –even after Samson (losing his locks) showed that that is wrong.

We must wake up en-mass black people. And let fear of others go. Look in the mirror with complete adoration of our uniqueness. And know today, that only by disallowing ourselves to know and act on the truth about us. Can we continue to vibrate the corresponding energy, of being last, least, worst or even questioned, if we too are human beings!!

Again, let’s all hold up our hands black people. And demonstrate to ourselves and all others. That as of today, we’re taking back the power lost in hating our hair and blackness. Because we’re interested in ensuring that our future black males, won’t be so easily and carelessly demonized, criminalized and executed. For the racist-decided-crime, of: Daring To Live While Black! And for which,  Mike Brown and so many others, have paid the ultimate price.