Re: Jamaica Gleaner News – Hell in Haiti – Lead Stories – Saturday | November 6, 2010
Saturday, November 06, 2010 7:55 AM
Many Jamaican Christians who still dabble in Obeah, like to say Haitians are suffering because of Voodoo. And because most other blacks seem to hate Haitians so much; more than 90% of Haitians now practice Christianity, like Negroes worldwide.

Yet as Pat Robertson (one of God’s favored emissary) pointed-out, God’s rule is different for Negroes. Since for everyone else who accept and believe in Him, he gives them great blessings. Yet, though Haitians and other Negroes overwhelmingly accept Him, their conditions continue to drastically decline.

And even Jamaicans (who’re so proud that its God’s hands that is keeping disproportionate natural disasters from Jamaica); have no explanation for the continued Black On Black Crimes, for which Jamaica is known worldwide.

When Haitians freed themselves from enslavement, it increased the fear in all white slave holders in the Americas. Yet, instead of being honored in our common Caribbean history. For the most part, they’ve Historically been scorned and condemned by Negroes in the Americas (North, Central and South). Plus; France and the rest of Western powers have deliberately and maliciously forced them into economic disasters for 200 straight years. Some of which has only been forgiven since the earthquake.

Thus, Pat Robertson rightly pointed out in his outrageous racist mindset, that God will not pardon Negroes for killing White men who enslaved them. They would’ve heard that deeper meaning of Pat Robertson’s racist statement; if they weren’t so ashamed of what others are saying. A SHAME which has led too many to show the world how obedient they are, and want to be; by surrendering to Judeo Christianity more, instead of less!

Now I hope they’ll realize that it was their indigenous African way of worship that enabled them to accomplish the greatest Negro victory in the world. Greatest; because Alexander with disproportionately more Military power is called Great for overwhelming the then weaker Negroes. While Haitians with less, overwhelmed the exponentially stronger Military power of France, and later France and the U.S. combined. No other predominant Negro population has since been able to defeat the combined White Might anywhere in the world. Thus every predominant black Nation is still enslaved to some degree. (Especially the Negro countries on the entire continent of Africa. All of whom follow covert and sometimes overt white rule).

Consequently Haiti’s weakened infrastructure and deforestation, (from being unable to import oil, like all others) were deliberately imposed from low-self-esteemed racists. Who can only feel the false superiority they claim, by deliberately creating and maintaining the demise of Negroes they can’t allow to honestly compete.

So go back to the religion you had, when you dared to go up against the Almighty White Power and won. If those beliefs were good enough to gain such great victory; only the turning of your backs on it in shame; that is now causing your demise.  Your Backs are now up against the wind and rain. And that’s exponentially worse than having your backs against walls; which would mean that no one could attack your backs. Now you’re vulnerable on all sides. You now have nothing else to loose or hold onto. Except your minds corrupted by overindulgence in Christian beliefs, which pits all Negroes against ourselves. So take back your minds. Take back your pride. Take back your independence. You still have it in you to Rise Up As One again, and Win.

No black group anywhere in the world will ever regain Race and Self Pride by remaining immersed in the Judeo Christian Religion. We’ll forever remain a fraction of ourselves and a fraction of those whose customs and image we prefer.

So please lead the way again Haitians. This article says you are in Hell, but your faces do not indicate that state. You know that things are bad, and anyone in your situation would prefer to get help from outside. But so far you’ve survived with very little, and you can certainly do so again. Step out and leave Judeo Christianity. It just keep us divided into different denominations. Where we pledge our allegiance to different groups ultimately headed by the white head of Church and State.

To recapture our power we must find a common activity and goal that is unique to us. We must stop letting others convince us that it’s better to divide and align with their ways while condemning our own. We’ve believed and tried the ways of all others, and it has worked for all but ourselves. So although Voodoo have things about it that needs to change (I would imagine) that wasn’t your main problem. Its the other way round.

And I expect to be slaughtered by my fellow Jamaicans if my comment is posted. So go ahead! and make my day!