By Ripuree
Universal Anthem For Black Lives

Are we truly a self-loving people
Embracing our image with dignity and pride
Or do we prefer the images of others
Instead of the real and true Mc Coy.

Our skin organ is a seat of emotion and information
Adorned with scalp hair that helixes like DNA
So when we only perm it, straighten, or weave
It’s omnipotence is undermined

In the universe dark matter/energy is omnipresent
So black can’t be sinful, as some claim the Bible says?
Or evil, wicked, worthy of condemnation and without morals
As dictionaries of the world proclaim.

Who started the process of black dehumanization anyway
Thus compelling black youths to kill themselves
Who made Black a crime on a sun dominant planet
In a universe where Dark Matter is more than 90%

Did God not know, that dark matter is dominant
When black melanin she infused in prototype mankind
Black as sin is a brutal hoax therefore
To infect, disjoint and conquer black minds.

Skin blackness equals black self-protection; remember
From physical, psychological and mental warfare
Its omniscient when fed with self-love
So stop self-hate, from Bible lies.

In dark wombs all mammals are created
And in dark matter the Cosmos is upheld
How could light obliterate darkness therefore
When from dominant darkness; God said “let there be light!”

Quiver in fear no more youthful black brothers
With universal dark matter black melanin is aligned
Love your skin, your hair and work to uplift each other
Exchange guns, gangs and drugs, for Black On Black Love

No more skin bleaching black people the world over
You lose power to protect and heal when you do
Black is right for us, as white is right for white people
So emit black love and compassion to all of mankind.