Are Allah & God For Or Against Us?

If what is happening to Somalians (in their efforts to stop European and Asians from illegally fishing in their Oceans) is not a SIN and CRIME of ungodly and exponential proportion, then nothing else on earth is a crime or sin. So this piece is to make a statement to black humans throughout the world. That we’re still enslaved to some extent, and we must decide if this is how we want to continue our lives. Some might wonder what does what is happening in Somalia have to do with blacks in the U.S., Jamaica or Haiti -for example. But what is happening to black people worldwide is stemming from the one root cause. And once we get to that root system, all our chronic oppression will start to drastically decline.

Right now, here at the beginning ,I’ll say that the Deities of the Religions we adhere to, are the strongest forces of resistance and obstruction in our minds. Yes! Allah and God are hindrance to our salvation and upliftment, and along the way, I’ll explain. We must remember that when Christianity was first introduced to our ancestors (wherever they were held in bondage) they were first weary of accepting the God of a people who could connive and execute such great evil in the name of and help from said God. Our pre-Christian enslaved ansestors, Knew Themselves, to the point where when they finally accepted Christianity, they were clear in their minds, that it  was a means to fulfill a greater call.

Thus they accepted and tweaked the Christian rituals, to satisfy their oppressors to leave them for a few hours alone each week. They used that time to plot attacks on the wretched people, holding them against their will. In the U.S. they did not manage to execute as many insurrections as in other parts of the Americas, like Jamaica (which had the most rebellions, and Haiti next in line) Even in those early days it seem, that blacks who landed in the U.S. had the strongest resistance to working together for the good of the most. On the other hand, Jamaican slaves had become so good at rioting, that it is believed Haiti’s complete freedom, Denmark Vesey’s, would-have-been biggest uprising in the U.S. had the Jamaican mark in both. As it is believed that Vesey was brought from St. Thomas Jamaica to South Carolina, and the rest of that History you know. While it was a Jamaican slave who’d gotten to Haiti, at that critical moment; with the great fighting and disappearing skills of the  Maroon’s knowledge of staying hidden in plain sight, who helped the Haitians to overpower the French.

Haiti Still Pays For Standing Up Against The White Man

The story of the Maroons of Jamaica is easy to find on the Web today, for those who’re unfamiliar. Go seek and you shall find. In any case, because of the many riots that Jamaica and Haiti successfully executed, the U.S’s immigration policies have for long given credit by discredit; to Jamaicans and Haitians, in immigrate requests. This is a part of the unspoken, unwritten, but definitely exercised U.S. immigration policies to those two. This lesson passes on from generation to generation of whites. Never forgive any Niggar who dares to resist the white man’s efforts to control a Negro’s life. And from that mindset, we’ve seen how successive administrations in the U.S. (starting with Thomas Jefferson) have worked tirelessly from behind the scenes, (while smiling and pretending otherwise) to ensure that Haiti remained in the pathetic state, that made it so unprepared for the final the Earthquake of 2010.

Still, we must always remember, and its critical to do so, that we’re only being victimized, to the extent that we allow ourselves to be victimized. Its not anyone’s responsibility to allow us to live reasonably happily and healthily, without covert obstructions, that daily captures our vital energy, even before addressing the basic need for food. Its up to us to want to live differently. And to know that its our right to own and use our lives, for ourselves. I will not focus specifically on Somalia, as the title suggests. I can’t, because black people’s problems have too many deep historical roots. Roots that have put out too many new shoots, all of which have now grown into many trees. So I beg for your patience, as we weave through the dense forest of our problems, to extract the solutions that are there, but must be sought and indulged.

Black White Yellow And Brown. The Majority Suffers Because Of Our Leaders

In no way am I saying that black people are the only ones suffering throughout the world either. No sane human would make that claim. And I would like to believe that I am still sane. Yet the oppression and suppression of black people is uniquely unique. Since it has historical precedence, of us feeling that we have no choice but to join others in the collective suppression of ourselves. Thus, the amount of blacks in Africa and the diaspora who’re leading lives with average ease of others, is shamefully miniscule. As even the richest and most educated, are still only as free to be free (law enforcement and society’s scrutiny) as their well recognized faces, or body-guard-protection allows. Even in a predominantly black community, those with more than most, by default remain un-eased. And while this happens with all groups of humans, historical events in our collective psychic, ensures that black people’s dominant mind state is constantly distressed.

Consequently, its time we stop holding up the relatively few highly achieved blacks as proof that the playing field is equalized. And further; during every great crime against humanity (including slavery and the Holocaust) a few have always managed to beat the odds and succeeded extraordinarily, in-spite. Not because they worked harder, or were smarter than all others in the conventional meanings of hard working and smart. But rather, as Victor Frankel observed during his imprisonment in a Nazi concentration camp, they’re able to maintain tunnel vision focus, with more ease than most.

So yes; great success in-spite of oppression may mean working harder and smarter by every and any means possible. To ensure that one never gets distracted. And which of necessity, might include refusing to take into account the pain being experienced by the ones whose fingers you’re crushing. Or the those whose willing actions said, ‘”go ahead and climb up on my shoulders, so that at least one will escape, to tell the tale”.

Mr. Frankel also observed that the true humanitarians most likely didn’t make it. Since they would save up what little food they had to give to the those weaker than themselves -plus many more little acts of kindness everyday. Those Saints he said, looked for opportunities to save others. While I say; the victorious were constantly focused for opportunities to save themselves, even if it meant manipulating others against their will. Like using whatever means  to  always get into the middle of a crowd. Thus avoid a blow from a Nazis’ stick, or being assigned the worst assignment for the day. I am sure that a special kind of hard-work and smarts has to be involved to win at such games of extreme human degradation. And I am not intending to make a judgment of right or wrong here. Because without some employing such tactics, first hand accounts of the horrors might not have come out.

Behind The Extraordinary Success Of A Relatively Few African Americans, Too Many Youths Must Serve As Cannon Fodder For The Prison Industry Which Daily Becomes More Privatized.

During the Civil Rights Movements some people (white and black) became Cannon Fodder by going out into the streets and marched. Other Cannon Fodder used their pens and voices, to loudly and clearly articulate the crimes that needed to be vocalized and memorialized. And it was necessary that some risked lives and limbs, so that full scrutiny could be diverted from the few who remained in schools, or in their good jobs, pretending to employers that they didn’t care about the atrocities that members of their race daily endured. In every great oppression, many great strategies must be employed from all sides at all times. So, just as it is believed that behind every powerful man is a good woman. So too behind every exemplary success of any group under constant scrutiny and oppression, there are exponentially more, whose daily terrorization satisfy the oppressors need to terrorize all. Our disproportionate amount of young  men in Prison today is fulfilling America’s insatiable need for free black labor, if not on plantations, then surely in cells. Thus today America’s Prison Industrial Complex, annually rakes in for Corporate shareholders, more money than all previous Plantations’ profits combined.

So for sure, fast success is guaranteed to any who can best discredit the valuable contribution of the Cannon Fodders on the front-line. Yet although we’ve endures constant oppression for so long, we more than any other group seem to block the knowledge from our collective psychic the most. Consequently we keep receiving the same crimes against us over and over again. On the other hand, every Jewish person (for better or worse, understands this well, and live it daily, as naturally as they breathe). Arab, Asian and Hispanic immigrants to the U.S. also understand and daily implement those principles for group upliftment. While black people worldwide, hold the strongest resistance to forgiving each other, (not from a Christian standpoint) and working with each other, in order for the good of the few,   to impart valuable lessons to benefit the most.

And this is in-spite of an abundance of new data that humans did not have in the past. Data which leaves absolutely no reason anymore; for the majority of black people to still endure the indignities we do. Our minds have sufficiently evolved, to know that each human Owns His Own Life. Not a particular Deity or Government.  Each individual is here to benefit himself. So those with the most weapons, or the most guts, are not endowed with any divine or superior rights to constrict and restrict another person’s or race’s freedom of activities, in his homeland, or house. Consequently, the disproportionate numbers of black people throughout the world, who’re living no better than puppets on the strings of Europeans in the Diaspora, and now the new Chinese Colonizers in Africa; need to wake up fast, and decide if we’re going to forever allow fear to keep us as Living Dead, instead of just plain Dead.

We must come to know that we’ve entered another crossroads in our evolution. One that has taken place many times before. It was happening when white men entered Africa and saw opportunities to transport us like cattle across the Ocean. To build up their wealthy societies, which are still compounding interests and lifestyles of leisure for them today. Still, it is not too late. We simply need to decide if it is worth it to retrieve the  rights to our lives, to live relatively free of undue envy, greed and hate. Every race has their mascots and antagonists. But we must understand that there has been concerted sophisticated efforts for centuries against Negroid blacks in the world. It is what it is. But it can only continue to defile and stop us, if we refuse to see the need to mount equal defend in our minds.

Negro-Blacks Must Have A Mother Land Ruled by Negroes, Somewhere In The World!

So in line with the above thinking, it must be understood that every race needs a motherland that uniquely defines it. Where its scattered children can return for mind peace that comes from inclusion and familiarity of some sort -even if this is done generation after generation, only in Spirit by those who can’t physically touch and feel that ancestral root. This is especially necessary in today’s world of high complexity, where so many are under constant stress to keep up. And this is necessary, though no place in the world will likely remain of one pure type any longer. And that’s a good thing for all. To some extent every part of the world belong to all. (With understanding that none can be citizen of all places at once). And while; love-filled individuals (who fulfill legal immigration requirements) should be  allowed to live safely amongst a different population, if that’s what they choose.

*I find it hard to say law-abiding anymore. As many of the most callous criminals are in high place, making laws to contain and suppress those, who’re dis-empowered in stomach and purse. In many instances the Political Machinery and supposed-to-be Justice System are just exclusive Clubs for people with Mafia-like intentions; who’re fleecing the fear-filled in the names of: God, patriotism and civilized. Forcing many innocent persons to live their whole lives  as if their lives are on loan, from those who rule the land, and therefore the terms for their life-loan, can be changed at any time without notice or just cause. (This treatment of the masses is a silent epidemic of enslavement -I say). On the other hand, individuals who genuinely set out to unconditionally care for the world and love humanity (though they’ll not be perfect) will feel uncomfortable just thinking of impeding another’ rights, much less to actually execute malicious laws and schemes*

In line with having the welcoming arms of a motherland (even if only in spirit); the varied Asian Diaspora has multi-ethnic Asia to look to. Europe for the different groups of Caucasians. While Arabs who’ve displaced Negroes from what is now called Mid-East; will continue the exploitation they’ve been engaged in, for nearly 2 millenniums in Allah’s name. And now we come to Afro Africans; who must return to loving ourselves first and foremost, as a group. Understanding that its the responsible for each group to love and protect itself first. Or love from Inside Out, as opposed to Outside In. (And while being free of the need, to impede another’ right to live free)

Will Afro Leaders Ever Stop Fearing Aggression From Europeans And Fully Work For Afros Too?

So what else should be the responsibility of Afros to Afros worldwide, who’re the most distinct group of man! So distinct that in any multi-racial society, we have the least chance of blending in. So distinct that for centuries European leaders in the Americas convinced their masses that we were sub-humans, and in many ways, are still treating us as such today. Those old racist realities are upholding the condition that throughout the world, but especially in Africa, we’re still constantly under invasion, occupation, destabilization, demoralization, and are thus drained.

And because of known ease to contain and control Afros, Arab and Christian Missionaries with the aid of  Afros (educated to hold down the masses) still seek to reduce the might of indigenous Afro-Africans by inveigling them to replace their deities with Allah and God. Then, with the distraction of foreign deities; land and resources have been stolen decade after decade. (Thus, from Arab, to White and now Chinese, all are in line for a new wave of colonization  of Afro-Africa. With help from Puppet Negro Contractor, failing to see, how much race hate their actions display.

Have European in Europe and The U.S. Given Aid To Africa, Or Has It Been The Other Way Round?

Crumbs from Africa’s wealth, is returned in the forms of: over priced inferior end products. Choking IMF loans with strings; and constantly televised Foreign Aid. However, what is never televised is that such monies mostly go to Dictator-type leaders. Who won’t build: roads, universal water, universal electricity, schools, hospitals etc. But instead, must follow covert instructions to fund guerrilla groups who rape, pillage and destabilize local communities at random. Added to that,  much arable lands are reserved for wildlife and Euro owned Eco-Tourism. Plus mega European and Asian farms, growing food and flowers for export.

And like Native Americans, who were moved from their best land, many Native Africans are also corralled on land without water, or potential to grow food. Failing in the European Land Ownership system, with which they were unfamiliar. Thus opportunities for outsiders to use their legal system to own Africa’s best land daily increase. (China now being the fastest growing Colonizer in control).

Each New Group of  Humanity’s Children Must Do Their Part In The Continuing Ascent Of Mankind

Still! evolution of thoughts, and lifestyle is a must for all groups at all times. Throughout every era, the most ancient groups must be propelled by the new energy, motivation and industry of humanity’s children. Change cannot be stopped. And each group must go through the stage of ruling then be ruled. Each gets a chance to be the leading stewards and uplifter of the world. Working from the trials and errors of the past to bring forth something newer, bigger and better for all. At present, and for the past 500 years at least, Europeans have failed miserably at this task. They’ve invaded, and wantonly plundered territories with reckless abandon. In the name of God and the White Man’s Burden that they claim they have.  Always taking exponentially more from others, than is necessary to fulfill their needs. Always arrogantly imposing just their will on others, as if they can only consider their rights and nee

As  humanity’s youngest children they’re at the end of a long line of trial and errors. They’ve always had the help of all others more than all other before them, were privileged to do. Yet they still feel the need to simply bulldoze their way onto others, demanding, or taking whatever they saw. So the dominance of Europeans over all others was inevitable and natural in the normal evolutionary process of life. Yet, they’ve allowed themselves to be led by insatiable greed, arrogance and juvenile stupidity. Being just like cancer cells, who can’t see that in taking everything from their hosts, they too must die with the host.

A Different World Needing Different Rules To Better Serve The Greater Populations Of Today

So yes! the world has grown from the time when anyone could just go out and pitch a tent anywhere at any time. In today’s more crowded world, we need infrastructure and services that are better administrated and allocated by a permanent governing body. Those amenities require funding, which each person must pay into. And such governing bodies need to know how many residents are in different areas, in order for resources to be gained. Europeans have done an excellent job of introducing technologies that other groups before them could not have done. But they more than all others, have failed dismally to honor the dignity inherent in every human life. And their obsession to prove themselves superior to all others, but especially to Negroes, allowed them to not credit valid contributions that Afros had to have made to the civilization of mankind. And not only have they Stolen the Credits of Afros to mankind’s civilization. They’ve also stolen more tangible legacies that could have disproved a lot of their claims to fame. However, in keeping their minds so constantly focused on controlling others, while in the subconsciously propelled stage of stewards to uplift mankind, they’ve corrupted what good Governance for humanity could look like.

Homeland Security of Whites Should Not Usurp The Human Dignity & National Rights of Blacks Anywhere On Earth!

So I’ve tried to give a minimal explanation of the duties of Government. Which in many cases today, are serving to constrict and suppress. Because of the stubborn refusal of many world leaders, to acknowledge that “people!” and not Corporation, are the Real Wealth in the world. And that our different places of abode should serve to enhance the well-being of all in that space. As it stands today, too many are mindlessly being controlled like slaves without rights, to decide on life choices they prefer.

Consequently, in this increasingly callous and unjust New World Order, we’re witnessing that in the waters off Somalia, Asians and Europeans fish with impunity. Fleecing starving Somalians of seafood; while dumping toxic waste that cause further harm. Yet International policing bodies only penalize Somalian Pirates. Which in essence means that while Somalians can be charged for the act of piracy against illegal fishing boats in their own waters, the real pirates get away. So, are those actions different from the the sentiments of 1857 when Justice Roger B. Taney; in Dred Scott vs. Sandford stated about black people that:  “…beings of an inferior order, and altogether unfit to associate with the white race, either in social or political relations, and so far inferior that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect.”?

In this year of 2011 are Somalians not being penalized by Europeans (on the mainland and in the U.S.) with the mindset of their ancestors of 1857? Because what else could inform U.S. European, that a young Somalian boy deserves 30 years in prison, for lashing-out, albeit by the act of piracy, to the piracy that Europeans and Asians first took to their shores? Is the Clean Hand understanding of the law not being undermined here? So again, like fugitive slave laws, which punished black humans from running away from the illegal enslavement of their lives, Somalians are supposed to sit still, and allow Europeans from the motherland of Europe, and in the Diaspora, to do to them, whatever the hell they decide.

Live pictures of Somalian hijacking European “supposed” Tourist ships, are then televised worldwide. (Actions which some believe are being financed by outsiders with private agenda). Plus reinforcing the broader agenda, of evil black Africans attacking innocent whites. This negates sympathy to the severe drought, famine and unrest; already killing hundreds of Somalians a day. Such an atrocity is tantamount to the former Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. When Africans from a different part of Africa, had their Oceans hijacked by Europeans. Who instead of the stealing fish, were stealing  humans. Humans, whose centuries of unpaid labor, have brought the U.S. in an unprecedentedly short period to be the leader of the world it still is (albeit loosing that title fast)

And on and on in Africa such are the covert games and exploitation that Afros daily face. Consequently, in Post Apartheid South Africa, its hard for many natives to feel sympathetic to whites who choose to remain on contested land. Land captured centuries ago; and passed to present generations. Who claim that said land was never occupied   by Negroes; so it belong to them; more than Negroes who’d never left home. At present, the extraction and sale of some of Africa’s most valuable gem stones, are completely controlled by Europeans. While Afro Africans who do the dirtiest, most dangerous work, along with their Government and Country, are simply serving the will of Europeans, as in the days of old.

Is Homeland Security For a Multi-Cultural U.S. Becoming Exclusive White Power Again?

When in a multi racial society some are compelled to be silent about the atrocities of their racial brothers in another part of the Global Community, (due to fears of being labelled unpatriotic to the homeland security of the shared multi-racial land). And when those atrocities are being executed by the majority in said multi-racial society (with a history of suppressing that same minority). Then that touted Homeland Security is really only Racial Security for one group, with the unwilling aid of that minority; who must silently watch the ethnic cleansing of their racial counterpart on another side of the world.

Afro-Americans have regularly been touted as the most successful blacks in the world. It is held up as proof that slavery was good for black people overall. Since had we in the Americas not experienced slavery, we couldn’t have accomplished the many millionaires in Sports and entertainment, who transfer their wealth to other races, by way of who they choose as wives. So right or wrong, that is the basic premise for the statement that blacks in the Americas in general, and U.S. in particular, are the best of the black crop in the world. Yet these best of the crop black persons, have rarely lifted their voices about the atrocities of their racial brothers in other parts of the world. (Which the more advantaged, from a better vantage point, ought to be able to see more clearly as wrong). Consequently; here we are again with another atrocity in the world, where the combined might of Europeans on the mainland and in the Diaspora are working to suppress the rights and abilities of the starving people in another black African port.

We Must Reprogram Our Minds, To Reclaim Our Lives

It’s now accepted that no one escapes the cultural programming he was born into. And that, nearly 99% of our waking hours are propelled by the powerful subconscious mind. Add that to centuries of being programmed to accept white superiority vs Afro inferiority. (In which even today, many Afros in any part of the Americas, will mindlessly state that this is a white man’s land). Add that to the fact that nowhere in the world, were whites required to honor the rights of Afros as stated by Justice Taney (above). So that even Afros with superior pedigree and rank; were expected to step aside for a white fool. Put all of those things together, and it becomes clear why Afros have persisted in such a pathetic state worldwide. And further; from a  fair mind, one has to wonder, how have Afros remained alive in the world after all?

Those official nonsense corrupting the collective human mind; are still in school books, Bibles, dictionary, Hollywood, World Media, The White House, & everything informing our minds. So Afros have only been partially free of White & Arab oppression for a relatively short time. And from those historical subliminal conditioning to (1) remain in our assigned places or else. (2) join the oppressor to sabotage each other. (3) never look too good, talk too wise, or be uppity. From those programs, we’ll only look good, talk wise and practice uppityness, in ways that satisfies the status quo. That is; (I repeat) use our strengths to benefit others. But: sabotage, compromise and negate ourselves.  Consequently, we turn over the greatest portions of our income to those who provide toxic hair straighten and skin-lighten products. Plus the scandalous, ungodly amounts in Tithes to empower the Church Pyramid Scheme.

And continuing from a compromised mindset; many Afros who’ve attained the highest levels of European education and lifestyle, see ourselves as better than everyone else in our race. This is all a part of the programming, to use our best to benefit those farthest from us, while harming those closest to ourselves. Its  a part of the White Supremacy, Black Inferiority 24/365 subliminal suggestions in which we marinate. It compels us to not care to add our best to make our own race better. Consequently, our upper class join the middle class of others; where instantaneously, and by default, they become the lower lass amongst middle class whites. No matter if the one or two blacks in that community have considerably more than everyone else.

Black Leaders Who’re Rewarded Most By A White Dominant Society, Harms Their People The Most

One can almost guarantee, that if a black person truly has a great and sensible vision for his/her people. Society, with the aid of other blacks, will quickly cut him/her down. Therefore, any of us who need to be rewarded by society, must be pliable to subliminal white supremacy demands. And from the pool of those who pass that test, our community leaders have often joined the crowd in calling for more imprisonment of more of our youths (in their attempts to find ways to exhale, in a world that thinks they’re only here to be owned and controlled). The crack cocaine vs powder cocaine disparities in the laws, is just one of such injustices that came about because of shortsighted Afro community leaders. Leaders who begged for harsher penalties to correct systemic problems of blighting in black neighborhood. From which; (rightly or wrongly) youths felt that their only escape was to use or deal in drugs.

In that instance, instead of community leaders (mainly of the religious sort) getting together to address the real root problems leading to drugs, they called in society’s big guns, and now they call on the big guns, who refuse to listen, to once more change those laws. And yet, in-spite of knowing the mess that has occurred from the crack v powder cocaine debacle, again today, more religiously constipated Afro leaders have successfully gotten more laws in some states, to make wearing pants below buttock a criminal offense. Somehow such black leaders WILL NOT SEE that the solution to our youth’s chronic problems can’t continue to be more Prisons and Church. Its as if they cannot stop accepting society’s rewards for showing the most willingness to do the most harm to their race. Gone are the days it seems, when the leadership of black people were to lead us out of oppression, and enslavement of minds.

The Superior Conducting Power of The Subconscious Mind v. The Conscious

Yet, if we fully understand that everyone is being propelled  from a subconscious that is a million times more powerful than the conscious. And the contents of that subconscious were mostly done without our conscious awareness and will. If we understand that we’ve been propelled by those subconscious programs (good or bad) for much longer than the new desires in the conscious. Then all of our self-sabotaging ways from those of intelligent to fools amongst us, will make perfect sense. Being compelled by negative in our subconscious, surely must be the strongest reason for our overall pathetic conditions worldwide. Since, there’s a significant, and growing number of Phd. Afros in every area of academics, as well as many millionaires. So its not like we can’t, or haven’t demonstrated ability to succeeded in terms of money and academics. It has to be therefore, that some other stronger power is blocking us from translating individual success into race success –as other survivors of oppression “has done” for their race. Often with our willing help.

And again I repeat, that too many only want to align their good intentions to the God of a white orientation. So again I say, un-scrutinized ingested Western education and Western God concepts (verbatim), corrupts us further against ourselves. And to get real changes, we must understand that the Church, like the Underground Railroad were absolutely necessary at one time in black people’s struggle for freedom. But just as we now have safer, faster and better modes of transportation to flee any kind of oppression, which makes the Underground Railroad unnecessary; so too; we have better means to create solidarity and plot beneficial strategies, than we can do in any Church, Temple or Mosque with deities looking like those who oppressed us in the past.

We must know that if white people’s God or Arab people’s Allah were what they’re touted to be, neither of those Deities would have allowed their spokespersons to do what they have done to blacks in the names of Allah and God. Something is too far wrong with deities who compel humans to serve them only, and always do what they say, yet allow their emissaries to spread their words in the most bestial, inhumane ways. There’s no reconciling such things. There can be none, so none of the various explanations will ever make sense.

We’re Energy-Beings More Than Physical And That’s A Very Good Thing.

Yet I say;  there’s still great HOPE. At our innermost core we’re energy; and that’s the best NEW NEWS. Everything is energy. Especially the thoughts we think, which create how we feel. And because we’ve been forced to live in different degrees of enslavement for centuries; self-hating ways of thinking dominate our genes. Thus we take out our frustrations on each other; which makes Black On Black Crimes seem like its original and unique. In contrast; heirs of our oppressors, are naturally more race loving and united in their good or bad. In their genes; assurance that the world will fulfill their basic human needs dominates. In ours disillusion, race-hate and pain. And sure, they have hate in their genes too. A lot more than us I’d say. But they turn their hate outward, while we turn ours on ourselves. A typical “Love From Outside In” phenomenon, commonly found in persons  abused against their will for long.

Change The Beliefs To Change The Feeling Then Better Experiences You’ll Start To Attract

So whatever we do, we must learn to choose the most empowered ways of thinking, everyday and all day. If we understand that different thought/beliefs carry different energy value or vibrations. Then we can practice ourselves into choosing meaning with better vibrational values, to ensure better results. (Therefore change the thought, or belief about a situation, and if necessary “fake the feeling, till you’re vibrating the reality preferred). Decide on a less painful reality and own it. Without denying that the wrong in question occurred. If we understand that energy can be transformed,  but not destroyed. Then we’ll be confident, that to change unwanted circumstances, visualize or verbalize the state preferred –silent or aloud. Be pro-active in your soul renewing. Don’t wait on Gods to grant us eternal life. Choose positive thoughts not for the purpose of denial of painful realities. But rather, with the conscious intention, to bring about a better energy vibration for your life. And practice that daily, until extracting positive from any situation comes with ease. (So Pollyanna might not have been such a fool after-all) Develop power by feeling powerful. Not by allowing anger to take over your mind, in-spite of the legitimate wrong-hand you were dealt.

Some People Are Addicted To Wars, Strife, & Eroding The Peace & Well-being Of Whoever Will Allow

There are many who’re predominantly predatory by nature. While others are preys. And the predatory person like the predatory lion, simply projects a False Reality on others, to get its way every-time. And just as the lion watches its prey to detect weakness, than use that against them. So too human predators watch for weak links in a group. Then manipulates that vulnerability to get their way. But remember, when preys decide to move to better pastures, because they can detect coming disasters. Predator who seem to be the strongest and most independent must move along. So the prey is always the strongest and most independent. But by failing to realize that, predators gain the upper hand. In the current situation in Somalia, Somalians have found that when they respond to the “justified revenge” of invaders, they’re the ones cast in jails.

Because no matter how wronged a victim or prey is, no predator is going to see his claims. The world will turn a blind eye with closed lips, and allow victims to be punished for defending themselves in their own homes. (That is, if the predator group of humans, are those whose turn it is to lead) And yet each status per-se, is neutral in terms of one being better than the other. Each individual and or group necessarily has to experience each state at one time or another in our eternal lives.

In-any case, today, whites who still seem to be holding onto grudge against African Blacks, have more weapons and means for our entrapment and destruction, than we will ever care to amass. On the whole, black people are not the type to be energized by constant wars and rumors of wars. So since others are  most likely to get energized by our blood. To join them in the wars they love, will only weaken ourselves. That does not mean we have no options for defense, except to meekly wait, while turning the other cheek.

No Military Might Can Match  The Combined Might Of A People Determined To Live Like Men and No More Like  Mice

When England ruled the U.S., the growing Colonies decided that they wanted no more of England’s rule. Therefore they devised plans to remove rule from England’s King. They argued that England was treating them like slaves. And certainly they knew how bad that was, (though they had not experienced slavery). But knew what it was by holding black people as slaves. They were all committed to die in their fight for their freedom. Which win their minds, would be better than one day’s treatment, that they gave to blacks. So there comes a time in people’s lives, when such drastic mind-state must be enforced. Yet, for reasons beyond my comprehension, black people on the whole would rather live as a slave with limbs and genitals cut off, and all kinds of contraptions around different parts of our bodies, than to end our  lives on our own terms. Such knowledge of any who want to oppress blacks, is advantageous, since all know that we’ll put up with the most incredible amounts of oppression, before we react. Then if we do, it will most likely be against ourselves. Yet the assertion to die or be free, has enabled Europeans to remain free of retaliation from others especially from Blacks.

And now I say to black people, if there’s anything we should want to copy from Whites it should be their commitment, to live free or die. We must see that our minds working in harmony for our own good, will be millions of times more powerful than all the Weapons and Means of Mass Destruction, presently in the world. Since those who can come to that mindset, are no longer fearing what any man can do to end the temporary physical part of their being. When humans stand up en mass to bullies and let them know that we shall no longer quiver or run from their evil. That we would rather die than continue being pushed around like slaves. When a people can come to that understanding and decision, there’ll be very little for bullies to do with such folks. In one instant black people could’ve ended their enslavement. Simply by realizing that it would’ve been better dying en mass, than wasting so many generations of lives for so many centuries. Achieving nothing for themselves, while achieving so much for others. (Which many of such inheritors today, still will not acknowledge what really went on, though evidence of slavery’s fruits continue to ripen and fall everyday).

In Post Racial U.S.A. Black Men Now Labor In Prisons -No Longer Plantations- For Naught

And while some may say there’s a black family in the White House, as proof of proper Post Slavery and Post Racism, I am sure that Harriet Tubman, Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey, the Original Black Panthers and John Brown would not think that one black President with hands restrained as much as Pres. Obama, is enough to overlook the amount of our young men warehoused in Prisons all across the world. For crimes that amount to minor misdeeds, in comparison to the great crimes being committed daily. By those ensuring that the the Prison Industry, become a more profitable undertaking, than all the previous Plantations in the U.S. combined.

And again I say, that we (collectively), must  find ways to combine the power of our minds. We must manage our energy, to defeat the Weapons of destruction pointed our way. Don’t engage with people who have no desire or maybe even ability to care about the rights of any, but their own. Unprecedented reversal of fortune and life conditions could happen for black people worldwide tomorrow, if only so many could get  un-hooked from foreign Gods, whose absence in our ancestors lives on plantation, made them more loving and cohesive to each other, than they became, once they got hooked on Allah and God.

Don’t Give Up When It Seems That Things Will Never Change

Anyway, those of us committed to the program, needn’t loose heart. With constant mindfulness on preferred outcomes, programmed negativity will gradually vanish, and a new power-point for attracting installed. So it matters not that we were maliciously conditioned to maintain lives of poverty and pain. Now we can reprogram with happy, race-loving, feelings. Wanting good for each other, and helping to uplift each other, not inflicting magical thoughts to sabotage. It won’t happen easily or instantaneously. We’ll get frustrated when we slip and find ourselves back on the negative, and did not quickly interrupt. Just don’t give-in when fear, doubt or frustration try to derail.

Think of a seed which seem dried-up and dead when planted. For days it seem to do nothing. But eventually it sprouts, grows and produce. Its the same process to delete exclusive love of white image vs black hate. (Which all have -to some degree). Again, don’t get angry and lash out; when again we’re slighted or misjudged by others, or our own. Few were taught to only focus on what is wanted when bad is happening. Thus when we’re wronged, most of us do the very things that keep us getting more of what we don’t want. If we feel powerless, we talk about it to everyone who’ll listen. Most likely who think just as ourselves, therefore don’t know to stop us.

Or if we’re one who gets power from “getting even” or “doing unto others before they get us” we set out to avenge. Maybe even arguing to ourselves that its only “justified revenge”. But neither of those is best for the ultimate change. And although revenge will return to you a little more of your self-worth and power, there’s still a better way for the long run. So without getting too far off into explanations of why “justified revenge” will harm you in the long run, just accept it for argument same.

Put Your Head Under The Sand, Only After A New Meaning You’ve Applied To What Took Place

At the same time, I am admitting that you were legitimately wronged. And that the wrong doer is evil, or whatever other word you prefer. But after understanding clearly what happened. Articulating it correctly if necessary. The solution must then be to improve how you’re feeling, by changing your energy vibration, which is done by switching to more empowered thoughts/meaning about the bad event. “Every disappointment is for good” may apply here. But don’t say that and leave it there. Really search for what good came out of the situation. What do you now know about yourself or the abuser, that you didn’t know before. Make sure that its something that makes you feel empowered. And remember, that to get the best new reality, you must know clearly what had occurred. Thus simply putting your head in the sand, will eventually backfire. You must first sort out what really happened or is happening, and how you will avert or lessen it next time.

Decide on a better meaning, to start vibrating from better frequencies. And then you can go and keep your head in the sand all day if you like. Its not easy, but it can be done. And its not really easy to explain. So just give it a try anyway. And if you find my efforts to explain still too wordy, understand that I too am just learning these new processes as I go along. I am explaining from the best of my ability up to this point. But just as I learned from people whom I couldn’t understand at first, to now feel confident to try to explain it, you too can gain some small seed from what I say, then explain it better than I can. We’re all on this journey together. I feel confident and happy that we’re on the right track. I overcame 45 years of depression and suicidal feelings by applying these ideas, and I am still getting better everyday.

Our Minds & Governing Laws Of Life Are The New Frontiers To Be Explored & Conquered. Not More God, Groans or Guilt!

When we become more committed to change “all hell will first break loose”. We’ll often question our sanity for joining others in the attempt to uplift our people, who’ll worry about how others will feel if we start putting ourselves first.  You’ll be scratching your head in total disbelief, wondering if so many of our people have grown unable to care that we’ve been carrying a disproportionate portion of the world’s suffering and pain for too long. Or that our youths are disproportionately warehoused in Prisons worldwide. (While their adult kin mostly focus on going to Church expensively decked on Sundays; to give tithes, while jumping and shouting Hallelujah, Thank You Jesus, Praise His Name). So for those who’ve committed to find a different strategy in the process of uplifting our race; just know that new programs can be installed gradually, with patience and love.

Our solutions must come from our minds and methods. Not from others. Since others; no matter how well intentioned; are working from a universal mindset that sees us as unworthy. Sentiments we also maintain, since we’re unable to fully embrace our natural hair and skin. Yes! Some of us must be arrogant enough to believe that with different strategies, we can finally overcome. This job will not be for the presently weak-hearted. But that does not mean that with willingness, the weak hearted can’t develop mind resilience and strength. Just remember that each person has a different role. Not everyone will care to take on this role, but that does not mean there won’t be much for everyone of us to do.

In conclusion, this I know for sure! nature intertwines diversity in oneness. Preferring to identify the different pieces in the “Oneness” of a Salad Bowl. Not the UFO’s (unidentifiable food objects) in the Melting Pot. Our differences are meant to be seen, and appreciated distinctly. Black and White must co-exist with mutual appreciation for each other’ difference. Not one imposing all of their ways on the other, at all times. Thus, I would never vote for the European motherland to be ruled by Africans or Asians. Nor, for Asia to not be ruled by themselves. Whites in Africa should not continue to wield final power over Afros. Afro Africans must have final say for their lives on the African home-front. (As Asians and Europeans have “exclusive” say for their lives and historic place). White minorities should no longer control Afro majority. Period! Nor try to own the whole damn world!

And for those who’ve traveled this far with me on my journey of musings, I thank you much. I know I said a lot, and the chronological order was not soothe. Much love to you anyway! And please correct me where you know that I have been wrong. Since loosing ignorance, through gaining new knowledge, can only be a good thing.