Dear President Obama
Your intervention I seek, before 2016 arrive
To trump “the Donald’s” geo-political misconception
Which suggests that a majority of true Americans;

Are less American than Euro-centric Apple Pie

Sir, the United States is just one of 23 countries that make up North America

Which gives it no more American status than:
Mexico, Canada, South America, the Caribbean and other strategic points

Therefore, a Mexican without papers in the U.S. is only illegal to the U.S.
But “Illegal American” he cannot be.
So, it is the U.S. which is illegal, to label some as Illegal Americans
When our American birthright was never relinquished or revoked.

White Americans were once claimed as the only Americans
Denying even indigenous natives such birthright claim
And though such racist nonsense is no longer blatant
It was never deleted from the U.S. psychic
To re-inform ignorant, arrogant and racist minds.

When a Zambian goes to Egypt he’s still considered African
As a Chinese in Japan is still Asian as he had been from birth
An Italian living in France, is still European
And they need no legal papers,
To have their: African, Asian or European status conferred.

Yet from Jamaica (of North America), to the U.S. (of North America)
Naturalization proposed to legalize my American status

Which was never in question until in the U.S. I arrived

So Mr. U.S. President Obama
Before you leave the White House in one year
Please declare all humans born in: North, Central & South America
as well as the Caribbean, as irrevocable, inalienable Americans
And thus trump the Donald’s geo-political incorrectness
Now, and forevermore!