There will always be humans it seem, who can respect the rights, feelings and needs of no one else but themselves. They can praise no one else but themselves. They will see the need for no one else to be rewarded with rightness and goodness but themselves. Such is the case of many white people who think that even when their ancestors in retrospect is clearly seen to have committed the worst genocide and ungodliness, that everyone should still praise their ancestors along with them, and denounce themselves. And in that process of hurt and anger for the victims, the victims themselves accept nonsense about themselves. Just because Europeans did not call the people who existed here before them Americans, does not mean that they were not automatic Americans, once that name was officially accepted.

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Posted by: Newyork Nix 11/16/2010 | 75 Views

This trend for race baiting white Americans to keep up hateful division amongst humans, is also seen in the Oxford American Dictionary speedily elevating Sarah Palin’s National respectability, (a woman who has proven to be racially obnoxious and insensitive) by so speedily including the word she recently formed (out of ignorance) for all to learn. Whereas they have consistently refused to remove the racist meanings that were applied to the word black as it relates to people. Over the years their attention has been brought to the power in the meanings of words. How they affect people positively or negatively. Yet that is of no concern to them. While they like to pretend that all are now one race.

So many whites think that black people should simply forget about slavery and move on, because its too painful and paints them badly. They cannot deal with hearing about the awful things their ancestors did, its too emotionally painful. But others are showing weakness of heart, when they refuse to still immerse daily in lessons that paints them negatively, even after they still have the memories of their ancestors’ losses to whites. And while present whites still enjoy the privileges and prestige that their ancestors’ conquest brought about.

And just recently Jews and others were upset because someone mentioned that some Jews gained financially from selling out their own the the Nazis. They want to act as if it is inexcusable to even suggest such a thing. Yet they expect Negroes to accept that our ancestors sold us into slavery, and that that should be enough reason justify the reparations that blacks worldwide are still paying for our enslavement, rather than the other way round.

They say things to be remembered happens in three. Well here we have three examples of how racism is still maintained by the leading establishments of the world. It reminds me of the time when three famous black Air Signs displayed on the world-stage, who will be rewarded regardless of what they do.

Round about the time that Kanye West behaved badly towards Taylor Swift, some said that Michael Jordan’s acceptance speech for some award was ungracious  because he pointed out that all those who did him wrong in the journey of his career building actually did him a favor because it propelled him to become better. I did’nt think that what he did was wrong anyway. In any case at the same time another Air Sign Venus Williams had a meltdown on the Tennis Court.