What Did Mother Theresa Say About This Subject?

The short answer is NO! Focusing on love and peace is what is necessary for world peace. “To be against something, for instance an idea, philosophy or cause, is a drain of energy. To be for something actually increases your enthusiasm and energy. Mother Teresa was once asked if she would join in a protest march against war. She said “no, I will not march in a protest against war, but when you organize a march for peace, please let me know, I’ll be the first to sign up.” Therefore be for peace, harmony, justice and every good thing”. (from a web page by Gary—@Spiritual Living)

In line with Mother Teresa’s thinking I say that Wars are certainly not necessary to keep peace. But overtime influential leaders and the deities they create have succeeded in convincing the masses; that dragging us into wars (supposedly for our own good); are displays of their courage, power and love for the Nations they rule. And without doing much of our own pondering (as we often don’t) with information from “supposed” divine or political authority figures; we mindlessly consent to things that have gotten not an iota of our thought.

Insatiable Greed, Arrogance, Misdirected Testosterone And Ego Equals Wars

Leaders with much ego and testosterone get their war fix with our approval, when many of us would never consider going out and killing, even someone who has done us wrong. And since leaders are fairly certain that most will not challenge, much less reject the notion that wars are necessary, they get to keep pre-established dates set in their secret war calendars, and when there’s no wars, they get to promote “rumors of war”.

Consequently, war becomes necessary to keep peace, because that’s what all have been taught to expect. We all learn recite the prophecies then wait for self-fulfillment to occur. And although today a significant amount of humans (at lease in North America) are familiar with the law of attraction, meaning like attracts like, or what we focus on with strong expectation we’ll most often receive. Although so many now believe that, we still fail to make the connection that our oft repeated and believed prophesies, must come through according to the energy we apply.

The Law Of Attraction Should Be Studied By Proponents Of War

When Mother Theresa states that she would march for peace instead of against war, whether she was aware of it or not, she was speaking the law of attraction. Which amidst their abundance of ungodly pronouncements, all religions allude to the attraction law. It is in Buddhism when the Buddha said that “all that we are, is the result of what we have thought”. It is in Christianity when in Matthew we’re advised to” ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you”. And although I am not as familiar with other religions to reference any of their examples, I am confident that amid all of the nonsense presented by all religions, are also the great good, that was the people who first tried to lead mankind with their truth.

And further I believe, that just as Wars were probably the best solutions for people generations ago, (with limited understanding of the working of the world around them, or even their own hearts) today we definitely have better ways to resolve conflicts of all sort. Yet; because Wars have become very profitable for the powerful few; even if abundant evidence were presented that the masses no longer wish to be a part of war games to increase wealth and power of a few; such men (who think they the right to decide for everyone else) are not likely to change their M.O. in the lucrative field of creating wars for abundant gain.

A Chip To Track & Stop Dictators’ Games

Because of the lucrative nature of wars, I say it is only reasonable for proponents of War who seeks to lead Nations, to agree to be implanted with some form of tamper proof GPS tracking device. So that when later, they insist on satisfying the wishes of wealthy lobbying groups, (who may have desires for war in their portfolio) and thus would dishonor the wishes of the majority, such leaders could be found and removed expediently, without loss of innocent lives, and interruption of services and infrastructure on foreign soil. And invaders who get excited about opportunities to test the efficiency of their newest machines for the destruction would find new fix. (For men who hold the power to wreck so much havoc on so many, yet still gain so much profit, that should be a small price to pay).

Crazy you say! Well its sure not as crazy as the rich and powerful of Nations, who lobby Governments  (in all kind of ways0 to initiate wars, which ultimately increase their power and wealth. Wars which are then unduly prolonged to inflict maximum suffering on citizen of the invaded country, while initiators of said wars, simultaneously extract maximum wealth.

How Humanitarian Is It To Kill Innocent Civilians And Destroy Their Home Towns?

Proponents of war will argue (like proponents of missile weapons once did) that its only being responsible to keep- up, or better still, stay-ahead, of other country’s readiness for war. They’ll say that by removing absolute power and unfair advantage from just one hand, everyone will be more safe in the end. Yet if that argument were true. If they truly believed that line. If all things need to be balanced at all times, in order for harmony to reign, then why haven’t they ensure that equitable conditions are always present, to foster the well-being of the most possible amount of people at all times?

And yet more will argue, that wars have humanitarian benefits. As an enlightened world should not allow one dictator to commit genocide on his helpless populace; or daily suppress their human rights. Yet any reasonable person easily see; that the number of innocent civilians killed in wars, plus the degree of destruction of vital infrastructure that remain unfixed for long, are extensively worst; denials and disruptions of human rights, than was happening before  the war.

There’s no justification for prolonged wars, which keep the invaded: destitute, anxious, disoriented, and devastated? Where many will only be able to describe conditions of war; since that’s all that might have been present since they arrived on this earth. And no kind of humanitarian good, should allow any human to know of no other state but war? So again I say, in order to avoid the prolongation of wars, a tracking device, could be implanted, stamped or tagged onto every world leader (and cabinet members with war-making decision power) the very moment that that administration take the oath to lead.

Can We Take Our Own Advice To Forget And Move On Already?

At present the U.S. is still in Iraq after 10 years, as well as Afghanistan and now Libya. But the world has gotten more scary -not more safe. Daily more lives are lost, because of more anger on all sides. And restrictions and eliminations of the freedom of the majority (who had nothing to do with terrorism in any way shape or form) daily increase. In the news recently, at least two black women have complained that new security standards at airports, caused their natural hairstyle to be rummaged. (To their total embarrassment and shock, while other passengers could do nothing but also look on in shock). How can such things ever be justified? Especially today when it is known that greedy callous arrogant humans will go to any lengths to instigate wars, just so they can create laws to have more control over everyone’s lives, while gaining scandalous profits at our expense.

Reconcile The Epidemic Of Divorce And Suicides Amongst Vets. Of Wars

Today, statics show, that the lives of Vets. and their families are progressively growing worse. There’s an alarming increase in divorces and suicides in that group. Many are going broke and loosing homes like everyone else. So all around on all sides Corporations that are in the business to profit from wars, are the only ones benefiting from these wars. While humans, the real wealth of Nations are loosing their minds, lives and sense of who we are as human beings? And still, in-spite of the destructive nature of wars to he human psychic. Wars are being prolonged for maximum extraction of profits, and maximum devastation of lives on both sides.

So, Gaddafi may very well be everything that he’s accused of doing; just like a lot of other ruthless leaders around the world. Saadam may really have deserved to be killed for no good reason (at least not one that had any connection to the U.S.) But how many lives of U.S. citizens and the civilians in those countries must be compromised, for these wars that shows no benefit after countries are bombed, and a great portion of the population live no more?

Where Is The Money Coming From That Daily Sustain Wars For The Sake Of Wars

How, long  is the U.S. supposed to remain the world’s Bounty Hunter for Dictators who’re no longer complying to the secret protocol that world leaders make? How is it more, moral, civilized, humanitarian or just, for the U.S. to spend so much of U.S. taxpayers fund, to shame Gaddafi for not doing the right thing, while the U.S. is yet to apply similar moral judgment or punishment  to Financial Dictators in the U.S., who’ve caused millions to have lost life-savings, home and hope? As well as crippling the economy so that the suffering can’t even find jobs, to start over again? And what about the millions of students who’re burdened with exorbitant financial debts for overpriced education, who too can find no job?

The U.S. For-Profit Prison Industry Terrorize Blacks More Than Terrorist Abroad

And if it is impossible for the U.S. to co-exist with leaders of Nations whose human rights records are not spotless; what are black parents in the U.S. supposed to do about the unjust warehousing of our youths in Prisons? Youths, who may smoke marijuana, or crack cocaine (none of which I’m condoning). To cope with the racism they face from “Before Cradle To Grave”? And since by far, the U.S. is the leader in the world with citizens in its for-profit Prison Industry, should the U.S. really be  the judge of the acceptable standard of human rights around the world?

Again I ask, how on earth does the U.S. justify having the world’s largest for-profit Prison System. With many youths  entrapped for using drugs that are less dangerous that alcohol and cigarettes, yet the U.S. doesn’t think that it too is undermining and violating fundamental human rights? What arguments of reconciliation could be valid, when two of the most dangerous drugs that cause deaths to innocent victims are legalized? (Alcohol and cigarettes) While users of drugs that have relatively few, if any, innocent deaths, have their lives ruined with jail terms, and the permanent marring of character afterwards. How can the country who ensure the moral standards for the rest of the world, conduct business this way at home?

And aren’t the same people who’ve caused the present financial crisis, gaining from the current wave of wars and rumors of wars? So how will punishing Mid-East Dictators for wrongs they did to their people, address the Financial Despots in the U.S? Do we know or care about how many breadwinners have simply committed suicide, because of the great losses they sustained in the ongoing financial ordeals? And, might Berni Madoff be right, that his ponzi scheme, is no worse than that of the Government and Banks? Aren’t we being forced into another diversionary tactic to look at the faults of foreign Dictators. So that those at home who’ve wronged us, don’t have to confront our gaze?

Vengeance For Innocent Civilians Is A Cancer We Shouldn’t Spread

Fellow humans of the world, will we ever learn that creating and utilizing Weapons For The Mass Destruction of others is the most cancerous way to be? Because, like any true cancer, the utilizer of such weapons will eventually reduce themselves to the status of those they condemn? Sure, WW2 ended Hitler’s insanity! But has it stopped humans from having, and acting-on their racist views?

Don’t we have the right -to live in relative peace- so many years after 9-11? If unsophisticated rebels had the power to execute the great event of 9-11 in just a few minutes? Why hasn’t the greatest Nation on Earth with the greatest military ever assembled, been able to execute revenge more efficiently and expediently, and gained enough satisfaction as yet? Why haven’t some who like to tell others to forget their pain and move on, not been able to take their own advice?

A country cannot be bombed without the destruction of critical infrastructure and interruption of vital services. A country cannot be bombed without unknown environmental harm, that compromise health for unknowable times. A country cannot be bombed without destabilization of economy; thus creating more angry terrorists, than before the war. And out of which new opportunistic Dictators will convince the bomber to fund their venture, thus keep the viscous cycle of war remain intact. (The cycle that make some rich people richer; and more mothers grieve the unnecessary deaths of their sons).

Don’t Deny The Rights Of Others That We Want To Protect For Ourselves

Ultimately humans; we must realize that each human own his/her own life; regardless of where on the planet each resides. And regardless of what unconscionable men or women of God or Allah claim. Whatever is the source of One human, is the same source of All. We all have a common responsibility to not interrupt or corrupt the rights of each other. We needn’t unnecessarily fear our extinction because of shortage of resources. Its shortage of common sense and regard for the dignity inherent in each other, that we should fear.

Fear Scarcity Of Love And Respect Of Human Dignity, Not Scarcity Of Resource

Because, as one resource become scarce, new ones will  be realized in proportion to our collective genuine needs. There is already other available natural sources of everything we’ve been conditioned to feel fearful about. Its only greed and the need of a few to control the majority, that is causing so many fights for oil and other things. Its time we stop allowing our tax dollars to fund the destruction of others, whose resources we’ve been convinced that we deserve, more than they. None of us is perfect. And that is all-right if we’re already eternal beings –whether we know it or not.

All are endowed with the ability to learn, grow and correct mistakes. We must get it clear, that individual human beings are not the personal property of any Government, to jeopardize our peace and happiness, whenever they decide. Military with unlimited budget cannot continue to resolve conflicts like schoolyard bullies. The collective mind of humanity is not evolving to higher heights by such blatant arrogance and hypocrisy. Arrogance that by default, dismiss the Rights of outsiders; while wanting them to observe our own.

Free Speech That Spread Lies & Preach Divisiveness And Hate Daily Terrorizes MyMind

Many people in the U.S., don’t like the fact that we must co-exist with so many hateful divisive people like Glen Beck, Limbaugh, Faux News etc. Plus the many who claim that America They Must Take Back. The poisonous rhetoric of such people pose much more danger to me as a black mother and grandmother, than people in the Mid-East. The continued re-enslaving of black men by the Criminal Justice System, is unending acts of terror on my mind. So should a bunch of us black people go out and exact justified revenge?

Wars Are Rackets, Always Were, And Always Will Be!

Again I ask, who assigned the U.S., to be Judge, Jury and Executioner for all the wrongs on earth, while ignoring current wrongs to black, brown, red and now white at home? By seeking to stamp out every evil on earth; who will eventually stamp out the evil that the U.S. must attract in accordance to the law that says, like attracts like?

“Come on people, we’re no longer in the  Dark Ages, when we couldn’t challenge long held ideas, least we lost our heads on the guillotine. We’re not the properties of our Leaders, so that they alone must make decisions that affect our lives. At no time did we give leaders permission to haul us from war to war, whether we were sick or not, like when white people hauled black people as parts of their luggage, whenever and wherever they decided to go. But wait! Are we all not now being treated like the powerless, voiceless slaves that black people once were?

God damn it people. Black, White, Red, Brown and Yellow. Wake up and regain our dignity and sensibilities. Wake up to what Major General Smedley D. Butler realized. That War Is a Racket. It was so when he said it. It was when God engaged it, and it is no less so today. Wake up people and understand that focus on wars, will maintain wars. Just as focus on world peace and brotherly love, will produce a world relatively free of wars, because of the abundance of Love that attracts more Love and World Peace.