Why blacks may be biggest victims of climate change

This is to Jeff K. Then to every black person who get fearful when we hear such news. “Jeff K; are you talking about the over-televised crumbs that whites (in Europe and the U.S.) give to blacks in the form of International Aid; from the still compounding interests they exclusively gained. And from the centuries of free labor extracted and extorted from incalculable, and unknown millions of blacks. Plus the continued covert destabilization and destruction of Africa?

Can you even understand that no amount that Europeans return to Negroes can ever be balanced, since they’re still currently extracting and extorting the natural resources of Africa and Negro Africans? Are you talking about the fact that in one disguised way or another Negroes released from enslavement ended up paying reparations to Europeans; instead of the other way round?

Haiti finished paying reparations to France in 1947 -I believe. While slave holders in Jamaica also got reparations because they (slave holders) claimed that being forced to end their evil, cost them. That kind of nonsense happened everywhere in the world, where Negroes were supposedly freed from the evil of White Supremacy. And still worldwide; black men are being incarcerated to make profits for those who insist that their wealth will come From Black People who refuse to Know Ourselves as our ancient ancestors admonished us to do. News Media throughout the world bombard humanity with pictures of the continuous generosity of whites. Yet they cannot show how much whites still daily extract and extort from Africa and Negro Africans in their disguised scenes of generosity. And apparently when conscience overwhelm them, they simply televise and announce in all areas of News propaganda, that its blacks who’re the lazy, shiftless, criminals preying on the rest of mankind.

I took this statement from a comment on another site in regards to an article titled “Waiting While Black”. It is for all black persons who can’t understand why so many whites will not accept the wrongs their ancestors did. Why they want everyone else to forget and move on, while they they constantly revise what happened and insist on forcing down black people’s throats, their white-washed views. So the following statement I believe is a good thought to ponder: “Once you realize that Extreme Color-Aroused Ideation, Emotions and Behavior is a psychiatric illness, just like pedophilia, then you realize that it will require much more than a chat to treat this illness”. I suppose that somewhere in their psychic they’re aware that the crime against Negro humans was so exponential, and they know that “we” the descendants of enslaved Negroes know that, that it constantly compel them to try all kinds of ways to convince us that its just we, who have something to be guilty and shameful for. They can only comfort themselves by completely refusing to accept the truth, and instead of try to paint the greatest crime against humanity, as the Will of their God!

So, for all our ongoing race hating problems black people; I believe that our problems are still easier to conquer than those who “will not allow themselves to see” that the superiority they’re promoting is false, consequently their unending need to re-invent and assert it on “the truly wronged”. Such people are truly suffering from a collective default Mental Illness. They will not see, so let’s leave them to continue elevating their greater disguised degrees of self-hate, which they daily displace on whomever they can. We know that we also need to eradicate our own Race-hate; for which there are obvious reasons. But, there’s no obvious reason for theirs; since they have in their possession, the fruits of their: greed, selfishness, theft and inhumanity. Yet they can feel no satisfaction from the disproportionate amount of wealth and privileges extorted through force and brutality, from Negroes and Africa for the past 500 years. Apparently, no amount of lies and threatened and exercised violence against their victims, can satisfy their insides. So like drug addicts, they must continue to keep black people in fear, as long as we refuse to know ourselves.

So Black people I beg you to just know that we’re the strongest humans on earth. If that were not so, we’d all be dead by now. Enough efforts have been exerted in that regards. So fret about their bleak predictions. They know that the energy of Fear and Hopelessness is the only power to eradicate us, since even the evils of slavery and continued enslavement in Prisons, cannot exterminate us from the earth.

Sure those in the inner City may perish as they did in Katrina! Sure its not just blacks that live in inner Cities! But it wasn’t just blacks that lived in New Orleans either, yet were the disproportionately affected. We learned our lessons then. And, as parents of humanity, nature has not marked us for extinction, regardless of what anyone, or everyone else: Has! Can! and Will do!. Know that. And let haters continue to speed up the demise they’re trying to bring about on us, with their continuous injustice and hate. The hate they put out has only affected us, because we refused to honor our All-Powerful Inside God and instead give honor to their unjust, bloodthirsty God whose examples of wrongdoing they daily embrace. Such nonsense has weakened us against ourselves.

Now its important that we “Know!” that before Negroes there were no other humans. And after Negroes no other shall remain. In spite of that knowledge however; I am calling on Black People to “Please Save The Black Race”. Not because I fear our extinction, but rather because we need to consciously and assiduously start Thinking In New Ways about ourselves. Let us re-focus our collective energy on loving and honoring from inside out. And yes; I know that every one of us has a story of our own, who hurt us badly. But that is life! Get over it and Think Anew! Expect better from each other from this moment onward. Be a Polliana about Good Expectations, until Good Results become our default. Fear not their Biological, Psychological or Military Weapons for our Mass Destruction. No amount of such weapons turned against us, will be more powerful than our consistent efforts to Love and Honor ourselves, from this moment till the end of time. Judeo Christianity prevents us from utilizing that power. So in a sense it is the greatest Weapon For Our Mass Destruction, that we’ve refused to delete.

Again I beg you brothers and sisters. Know Ourselves. Loves Ourselves. And let’s collectively re-claim and re-empower our minds. All the power we think we lack, has only been dormant, because it takes conscious focus to make it work against the degree of daily evil we face. We needn’t retaliate against anyone with violence or destroy our communities when we feel that we can take no more. From this moment onward, let us assiduously activate and elevate our inner God, that we’ve allowed to sleep for too long.

We must start acting like we know for sure that we own ourselves. We must Know that we always have, and always will own ourselves, even when we relinquished some of that power to build the wealth and splendor that Europeans worldwide now enjoy.

So again I say, let them focus on amassing Weapons of Hate and other Military Weapons for the Mass Extinction of those who stand in their way of stripping (in this lifetime) every natural resource from the world. Do not focus on these grave predictions that they constantly bombard us with. Everything in life is Energy. Yes! even at the foundation of Matter is Energy! We all have a fundamental aspect of Energy, called by many names (God, Soul, Essence etc.) That eternal energy vibrating at differing frequencies cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed. It is elevated to attract what we want when we think positively and Love From Inside Out assiduously. It is weakened to attract the evil intentions of others, when we allow them to keep us afraid, hopeless, angered and depressed. Let’s therefore spend every minute of life fortifying our insides with Self-Confidence, Knowing that we have a right to our lives and to be an equal member of mankind. Let’s Love ourselves first, then on out to every member of humanity, including they who infuse so much INJUSTICE & HATE in the world. Let us block the hate and evil they send towards us with LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! We do not have to surrender in fear hopelessness, or anger. We just need to cocoon ourselves in Self and Humanity Love!

When love becomes our default nature, our eternity will be transformed. That will remain the state our life-energy at death. Worry not that this cannot be proven. The Judeo Christian God or Allah cannot be proven either. Yet for all of the time we’ve adhered to those beliefs, our conditions have consistently worsened, with the help of Arabs and Whites who want us to see ourselves as inferior to they. So let’s believe something different. Something that if we stop and ponder its implication can easily be seen to be more beneficial. Let’s believe that the quality of our life-condition at death, is the quality life-condition we’ll be reborn in, regardless of when or where in this endless universe. Thinking that way will compel us to assiduously fill our minds with self-loving, hopeful empowered, fearless thoughts.

Why don’t we remember past lives you say? Well, since change is inevitable and continuous, I don’t see how we could remember all of our past and still be able to function in the present. Do you see that even now, its impossible to remember everything, from day to day? What seems more important therefore, is to become better with each breath. To give your rights and power of self over to no one at no time while alive.

Naturally for the past 500 years Negroes have relinquished their rights and power to others. We couldn’t do better, when we didn’t know better. But now that better we know, better we must do. Our ancient ancestors realized that at some point we would forget, and they warned us. But others invaded our territories and
compromised our memories as they stole our mental, physical and spititual legacy. Its now time that we completely delete the crap we’ve accepted about our race and ancestors. Its time to abandon all fearful “What If!” thoughts, and assiduously focus on fortifying our individual selves and race with the energy of LOVE!!

Look in the mirror everyday whether you are a man or woman and say “I love you. I am as Good and Great as everyone else. I have a right to be; just like everyone else”. Say it when you feel fearful or hopeless. Say it when the Police unjustly puts you in handcuff. Say it when you’re locked away unjustly from your family, and hopelessness and anger constantly creeps in your mind. Say it when they put you in solitary confinement and beat you for nothing. Say it when you can find no work and are about to be evicted. Say it every minute, until your inner power is your default state. If life is eternal and you don’t rise to your full potential in this lifetime, make sure that you die trying and maintaining that hope. Don’t allow thoughts of fear and defeat to consume your mind space anymore

I am 55 years old and only in this year of 2010 have I come to KNOW THIS! Only in this year have I not contemplated suicide. For all of my life I have been chronically depressed while sabotaging my children (two sons) and self. Fortunately they are now grown with their own families, and did not end up in Prison. And I am still here to tell anyone that it is possible to abolish any amount of fear, hopelessness, worthlessness to the point of suicidal contemplations, if We Delete the Self and Race Defiling things that White Supremacy has programmed in the Black Race as our Default. Nothing else will change the dismal conditions of Negroes worldwide, until we acknowledge that we were deliberately programmed to automatically endorse and enforce our own enslavement after slavery was outwardly and legally dissolved.

Young people! it does not have to take you as long as it took me. I like many only had Judeo-Christian God-views, which compel us to denounce our ancestors ways. Thus unconsciously reject and denounce ourselves, and everyone who looks like us.