If I were Prime Minister Of Jamaica!

Deleting White-Superior, Black-Inferior from the minds of the black population of Jamaica Should be the immediate imperative to end Black On Black Crimes.                                   Emancipation in 1838 did not end the feelings that whites have for Negroes                     Which is; that they should have more right over the lives of Negroes,  than Negroes should.

Consequently Negro Jamaicans like Negroes the world over,                                              Have never been released from different types of enslavement                                             With deceptive names like: Apartheid, Jim Crow, or plain economic and social oppression     All of which have succeeded to keep Negroes fighting against each other for the crumbs they’re allowed in every modern society                                                                                          Even in Africa, where contrary to the picture on the surface; Negro Africans have not ruled themselves for hundreds of years.

Ever since whites were forced to gain their wealth from their own labor                                   Or pay Negroes the way they pay all others.                                                                           There has been aggressive under-cover campaigns at all times,                                               To keep black people distracted, disunited and dispossessed.                                                      So that amongst ourselves we fight to keep others down like Crabs In A Barrel                    While to our true oppressors; Stockholm Syndrome mentality we display.                      Consequently any initiative that doesn’t entice us to put our greatest energy             towards our own best interest, is simply a scam to keep the status quo “as is”.

Inside of every predominant black populations in the world there’s always a small amount of Caucasians who (from behind the scenes) are exclusively running the show.                 While repeated elected black officials are simply their puppet contractors, to suppress those of their own race.                                                                                                                   The majority black population never see the true Puppet Master,                                              Until some kind of receiving is necessary from white to black hand.                                        But what is always never noticed  conditions attached which are premeditated to keep black populations destabilized and poor.                                                                                                                                                   No black leader need to feel ashamed of this anymore.                                                                If CHANGE is what everyone truly cares about, then all must decide to cease and desist this practice forever more.

To not look at how easily we have allowed these malicious practices to consume us is to continue the Mental slavery of our collective selves worldwide. And as parents of all other humans, we’re doing no one a favor, by spoiling them to their mental death. The parents of humanity, must stop allowing their children alone to run the show! So far no one in any majority black populations seem willing to tackle this chronic universal mental and psychological demise. Maybe, because, as parents of all other humans black people have a default drive to protect to protect the youngest over ourselves. But this is backward in nature. And as a lifeguard, fireman or any rescuerer learns pretty soon; he/she must first ascertain self-protection, before jumping in to help another in need. It is truly bad parenting to prevent children from confronting weak areas for eradication, in order to strengthen and increase greater good in themselves, as well as the whole.

Thus, while black people are refusing to initiate and lead the discussion of this most important problem. Humans in the world with the “Willy Lynch” mindset are always reinforcing the subliminal mind destruction and dysfunction that has afflicted Negro Blacks  since Europeans made slavery synonymous with Negro Africans in the minds of all races of mankind. Once all humans in the world associated Negro/Blacks with slavery, the physical emancipation didn’t matter to anyone (including Negroes). Continued discrimination was established to become automatic. So that no one needed to do anything anymore for the covert institution to produce the White Superior, Black Inferior results.

Further in the abolition of Negro enslavement worldwide, the Institutions and Social structures that were all built, or strengthened directly from slavery were never dismantled or have their mission statements changed to reflect that the thinking behind them had changed. Those un-discussed, unchanged institutions and modes of behavior are now maintaining the problems of black people more than anything else. Since to the naked eyes black people are now free and can seemingly can participate as freely as every other. While few are seeing or willing to admit that: unwritten, unspoken but definitely silently executed anti-black actions are practiced by everyone everyday. In-fact, the mindset of whites to dis-empower and keep Negroes the best part of their investment portfolio is better for them today, then when they had to invest a little of their profits to house, feed and clothes blacks whom they held against their will. Today society is set up so that blacks are still owned for the most part. But we pay in many ways for the rights to our lives to be owned by others, while we still labor to increase their wealth and freedom and correspondingly constrict and reduce our own.

As long as such outrageous inhumanities are not occurring the more powerful complete mental enslavement is automatically accepted by the collective self, and is producing way more profits for one, while removing power from blacks; much more effectively and effortlessly than 200 years ago. So that Black people are no longer engaged in constant insurrections and riots, that threatens every member of any slave holding family. Today instead, they turn their frustration (from the harder to see root problems) on themselves. While the covert maintainers of this evil insidious institution laugh all the way to their banks, with the power and ability to build more prisons and enact more laws of restriction, to keep black people forever consumed with distractions from the real problems they daily face.

Today at least one of the most important dictionary company in the world has moved to specifically link black Jamaicans with the exaggerated negativity that all Western Dictionaries have been enabled to get away with, since Dictionaries came about during the period that slavery was at its peak. (When it was necessary for some men to justify the enslavement of Black Negroes, while removing guilt, from responsible parties then; and apparently forever more). The new move to slip-in Jamaican blacks with the negativity of blackness should incite black intellectuals to demand its removal just as Mr. Mike Henry once had to do for the misrepresentation of the word Maroon in dictionaries too. Which was corrected “for a while” I suppose, since the misrepresentation is still present in dictionaries today.

So, once more I repeat that; with “White-Good, Negro-Evil”, Negro blacks (not all blacks) have consistently been programmed for at least five Centuries, by the Bible etc. to automatically keep us adoring and putting all races above our own. And we must wake up fully and collectively Sankofa our minds and bodies; to the time when we adored our black skin and the unique texture of our hair. There’s just no getting around it. It is complete psychological irresponsibility and courting Nation failure, for Jamaica or any other predominantly black population worldwide (especially the whole continent of Africa) to see any significant upward change, by refusing to change the collective Negro consciousness about how we presently view and treat ourselves on the whole.

Next; Gross National Happiness Health and Productivity would be asserted. To influence and enhance the GNP. I would change the National Anthem to embrace the universal Earth Mother. Not the Judeo Christian eternal white father encoded and implied.

I would abolish the Office of Governor General as quickly as possible. No more undue reverence to the British Crown who colonized and brutalized black people throughout the world. Jamaica -like other places- needed to be independent from England. Since the benefits of Colonization exclusively went to the Colonizer. So why should we pay to have such a reminder in our face?

As Prime Minister, Prisons and Jails would be used mostly for mind rehabilitation. And non-violent youths would not be locked-in with the violently inclined. To be raped, brutalized, criminalized and scarred for life. So that their recidivism is assured.

I would say to all in the criminal Justice system. The Jamaica Constabulary was formed to protect white property and comforts, from Blacks who were freed, but still dispossessed. And today black Soldiers and Police are still being used to criminalize and fill jails with peaceful herb users -for example. While the greater criminality of racism’s all-encompassing mind destruction; keep us fighting each other, but controlled by everyone else. So let’s become more conscientious of the mutual interactions being engaged!

If I were Prime Minister. I would fund institutions and individuals to come up with ways to utilize solar power and other natural resources. So that Jamaica becomes less dependent on foreign oil. While more Jamaicans could remain gainfully employed a yaad.

I would call on all Jamaicans to honor our national motto in full. Honor being a Jamaican over Political alliance. Then commit to the happiness and productivity of all Jamaicans. Not band together as children of another motherland; while extracting the wealth of the permanent predominant group.

If I were Prime Minister I would say to all Jamaicans. On the Radio, Television, Schools, Churches and Newspapers; “Jamaicans we’ve become too unloving, uncaring, crass and impolite. So from this moment onward, let’s be more loving and kind”

No more bad-minding, back-biting or obeah. Be civic-minded and interdependent in thoughts and deeds. No envy, cheating each other, or erratic driving. Know that God reside in each other, not up above or somewhere else! Therefore to hurt another in anyway, is to hurt the God you think you’re adoring so much.

Hurting young men who’ve turned to criminality. As well as the homosexually inclined. Reconnect with the God that equally lives in each human; that must be consciously activated and elevated in order to take control!

Take back your power from those who tell you that God is outside you. A God with an implied Race-Image of His Chosen Group. Such thoughts are dis-empowering and downright evil for the supposed un-chosen. And designed to empower the few, at the expense of the most.

Some blacks will unconsciously resist the idea of Black On Black Love. And will argue vociferously; as if loving self “first” (as others are already doing) Means no longer loving anyone else. They’ll claim that this will hurt the feelings of all others. While ignoring that the pain of black men is off the charts.

So let it matter not what you did yesterday, yesteryear or the last moment. Let all that matter is who you’re becoming from this moment to the end of time. If you’ve murdered; let not those murders consume your conscience and cripple your love for self. What is done cannot be undone. So apologize if possible; serve time if required, and make whatever amends is feasible. Then spend every waking minute ridding your mind of overwhelming guilt and despair. And doing everything to add good to society until you die. Whether you’ll be locked-up for life, or you’re free.

In the beginning it may seem impossible, but I can assure you that any shame and guilt can be dissolved, and you can set your own mind free to feel love and joy again. It you’ve committed the ultimate crime of murder and can find no peace in your heart, just ponder the many heartless leaders of Nations, Religion and many other Pillars of Society, who send in their stronger Military to invade, and destroy Nations who didn’t provoke them. Yet they feel no guilt or remorse for their greater destruction of innocent lives and country that they directly create. Or think of women who choose abortions instead of bringing into the world, children for which they were ill-prepared. Or the Preacher or respectable Church people who preach Thou Shalt Not Kill Yet daily murder the spirits of many with their ungodly speech and deeds.

So acknowledge that what you did was wrong –make no excuse for that. I am not saying that you should just forget it and move on without changing your own conscience. But wallowing in guilt and self-condemnation will do good to no one –especially you. And you MUST start feeling good about yourself again. Before you can be good to society or anyone else. So listen not to those who’ll want you to remain feeling guilty, worthless and condemned by God for the rest of your life.

From now on, spend every moment calling forth from within, feelings of happiness, self- acceptance and bliss. Just try it, and practice doing it daily. Then happiness and automatic right action will become natural to you too.

I am telling you these things, because they worked for me. I am not just saying nice things, because they sound nice to try. I didn’t use a gun to murder anyone, but have had abortions for which I’ve never felt the guilt or remorse that others have felt. However I have felt great shame for other things; and have suffered from chronic debilitating depression, which had me contemplating suicide for at least 45 of my 55 years of life. In spite of those however, today I can honestly say I am the happiest person I know for sure, plus I can now reach that state on demand. So I know for sure, that it’s possible to move from feeling hopeless, worthless and doomed to happy and empowered. And I also know for sure that black Jamaicans are overwhelmed with great fears, pain and sometimes shame.

So Jamaicans a Yaad and the Diaspora, let’s all be P.Ms in our hearts. Let us put our minds together for interdependence over competition and strife. Hurting youths I beg you to put down the guns and turn inside to love yourselves. Start with talking to yourselves in more self-loving and self-empowering ways. Look in the mirror and say to yourselves daily I love you, you’re wonderful. Just do it, worry not if it sounds crazy at first, it will soon feel right and good. Do it every time you feel anxious, scared, lonely, confused or agitated. Do it as often as you remember.

Think of yourselves as already eternal entities. Since Science has now proven that at our most basic structure we’re really energy. And energy can be transformed but not destroyed. So in every lifetime its important that you re-purify and elevate your energy. Otherwise you must come back to repeat the lessons you did not learn. Thinking such thoughts (whether you can prove or fully understand them) are way more empowering than the ways you’ve been thinking, all of your life. Just remember that if at your core you’re energy or vibration, then you’re simply engaging better tools to change your vibrational default state, so that from now on, your actions automatically work for your benefit, more than your demise.

Successful people do this automatically, often without being aware. While some who are aware teach us to look outside of ourselves for the power that they daily know that comes from inside of everyman. So do not allow these mind-defilers to cause you to work against yourselves any longer. Reclaim, and reactivate the power that has always been inside you, waiting for you to reconnect. From this moment onward; do anything and everything that is legal (and does not interfere with another’ happiness and well-being), to make self-love, self-acceptance and self- empowerment your default state. I am not giving you a new religion. I am simply suggesting a new life paradigm, that helped me overcome the worst case of chronic depression that consumed the majority of my life. Now I can assure anyone (who’s in my former state) that to use that tool, is guaranteed to bring us closer to the Heaven we hope we’ll get after we die. And anyone can afford it, since it needs no expensive medications, and it only needs you and your unwavering commitment to: Live differently. Think Differently. And get better results in every aspect of your life, from now on. So you really have nothing to loose. Except the wonderful experience of No Problem a Yaad!!