Ever whistleblower experiences gethsemane symptoms

When confronted with things our sensibilities reject

It can be a blessing to ignore wrongdoing that doesn’t personally affect you

Avoiding prolonged agony to find a balanced solution

When treatment happening to others is revolting on many levels

And solutions, might include severe penalization to the exacter of the wrong


Whistle blowers first found it harder to remain in silent collusion

That so many others seem to have no problem to do

We’re conflicted with daily mind torture to remain and never question or challenge

We marinate in endless questions to prepare ourselves for necessary intervention

Knowing that if we leave again, to avoid confrontation,

All of our bills will return to the level of lateness, which we’d just repaired.


What to do, when associates with whom we’d mutually identified problems

Suddenly unleash Judas-like complaints against you, while showering the true perpetrator

With praises you never believed could come from those people to that one?

When you see that the well practiced Divide & Conquer tactics of the perpetrator is excellently working

To reinforce and keep intact the oppressive institutional abuse?


What do you do when the overseeing State Agency make rules to keep you tied to

Jobs that are sure to induce diseased organs and body

As witnessing abuse and not reporting is a law breaker

Yet reporting involves Gethsemane Judas feelings that are too much for those

who’re truly bothered by the wrongs they witnissed

When they say that an on-the-spot walk off is abandonment

And gaps in your work history, means de-certification, by inactivity



Yet without whistleblowers or similar others to step up and out to shed light on: oppressive, abusive and exploitative institutionalized systems

Our collective consciousness evolution would be lagging way behind today

Cold-hearted leaders would still be enforcing child-labor and debtor’s prison

As well as Fugitive Slave Codes, Jim Crow Laws and more


Is never an easy thing to do

It’s a long and lonely road of lifelong struggle to attain basic necessities

From which those who natural way is to focus only on Me, Mine and My;

Will benefit more abundantly, from things in life regraded as marks of success


I now know what Jesus went experienced in Gethsemane

And it’s the same feeling felt by many other humans before, during and now after his time

Julian Assang and Edward Snowden endured and may still be enduring it

Nelson, Mandela, Ned Turner, Denmark Vessey, The Black Panthers, Dr. King, John Brown, Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman, the Maroon Nanny and many other of all ethnicity and color have experienced their own Gethsemane on multiple occasions

And all humans who seek to aid others in conscious evolution, will experience same

As their farsightedness, will stir up discomforts in many

Whose Stockholm Syndrome feelings, will compel them to fight against the whistle blower

Whose only crime will be, a burning desire to help others see that their inner suffering don’t have to be

If only they’d change the way that they think