The New World Order has emerged and is gaining traction

Not with Mass Destruction from Biological or Military measures

But the alliance of Peoples of Color and whites with shared discontent

Who used the U.S’s. 2012  General election to usurp a racist political stronghold

Where arrogance, greed, ungodliness and injustice ruled for long!


That kind of ugliness was evident when some stated their agenda very early

That a “one term” Presidency for Obama they’d ensure

Thus they splintered into Teapublicans, Birthners, far rights, moderates etc.

And at times their lying, hateful vitriol, sounded more like klansmen.


When the President suggested an America where more rewards trickled down

to the underpaid and overtaxed; daily laboring for filthy rich Corporations

Overconfident racists set out to convince many (with very little) to ignore their

own best interest

By seeing Obama as a Socialist Welfare President

Wanting to take from imaginary hardest-woking whites,

And give to equally imaginary permanent lazy welfare-seeking blacks.


They were sure that white might, accepted as “right” was still automatic

Thus some with integrity did not address peers whose racism was so putrid

That it was reopening wounds of some who had no chance of healing

Due to ongoing Jim Crow politics, keeping many only partially free.


They grossly underestimated the changing consciousness of humans of all colors

Or that too many wanted the concentration of white power to end.

Still they continued with baseless unending attacks on the sitting President

With some of the richest amongst them, funding campaigns of racial hatred

Which still ended up for naught.


Their levels of hate forced Mother Nature to unleash hurricane Sandy

Which , along with diverse individuals, overrode their voter suppression

And a greater degree of justice and godliness was returned for a moment

To get their overly-unrighteous hearts to reflect.


From that historical perspective I had to vote for Barack Obama

For me it was obvious that that was the best homage to those before.

The White House needed to be infused with more racial sensitivity

And the Obamas were the right family, at the right time.


We knew that he couldn’t solve all the deeply rooted racial problems existing

Like being pulled over daily for driving and living while black

Or being passed over for promotions because of one’s blackness;

And profiled as criminals from womb to tomb.


We wanted him to fix the housing crisis which affects blacks most acutely

And unemployment rates which are higher than in the Great Depression for blacks

But we knew that Congress was engaged in all out war to block his every effort

So we groaned and moaned with many still on the brink.


Yet; not all blacks saw the need for a racial make-over of political power

Some with great gains were fine with existing overly white status qou.

Some could not embrace the opportune symbolic importance

For black children to have a better Hope to envision

In-spite of how personal circumstances were stacked.


Significant numbers of ordinary whites will remain stuck on racist stupidity!

Feeling that their God agreed with them to keep blacks out of “their” White House

But many other had evolved from the White Supremacy crap we all ingested

And were willing to walk their talk with their vote.


With those things in mind, I gladly voted for President Obama

Knowing that my race had been classified as sub-human for too long

While still being monitored, red-lined and politically restricted

So that even today, first generation non-black immigrants

Have less obstacles towards the coveted Dreams of America

Than blacks who can trace their roots from America’s start.


And while Affirmative Action is loudly touted as exclusive set aside privileges

for black Americans

The minority and disenfranchised status of others -like white women- it also address.

So that while other groups form a greater combination than black recipients

Blacks are almost exclusively highlighted and ridiculed for receiving Government Aid.


I also voted for Obama because he was not the arrogant candidate

Who wrote off 47% of voters as undeserving moochers who don’t count.

I voted for him because it was once made illegal for my race to be educated

As well as were forced to endure segregation in so many more ways

That a black man in the White House is savory to behold.


I voted, because black ancestors were prevented from sitting in the front of buses

for which they paid equal and higher prices,

And though free, they still had to march in the 1960′s to strengthen voting rights

The act of voting is therefore rooted in unfulfilled dreams of many ancestors

For whom tangible appreciation was more than overdue.


I voted knowing that even a black man could still work against black people.

Since blacks too are products of the racist Religion that equates blackness to sin.

Those sentiments are reinforced by a universal language with tools of learning,

That leave blacks with no other option, but to also see our race as flawed.


I voted a second time for President Obama

Because his first term captured some international leaders for terror

Even though home-grown terrorists are alive in the U.S., many having white skin.

Our economy, health and environment are also slowly improving

And our good reputation worldwide continues to mend.

‘Though some things remain, that he could’ve amended

Which we hope he’ll address this time around.


President Obama represents: Hope! Change! and psychic reparations.

Integrity, vision, intelligence and guts.

Congressional Obstructions surely hampered his overall visions

But not his faithfulness as a great husband and father

To a worthy First Lady, First Children and First Mother-in-law.


His second win made us see that any poison can, and should, be turned to medicine

And that sometimes, racism unwittingly works against itself.

Racism’s One Drop rule assigned Black as the dominant status of a bi-racial Obama

So that it will be recorded for eternal world History

That for 2 terms, at the beginning of the 21 century

The White House of the U.S.A. had its First Black Family in command!


What Now, When Some Will Be Fired in Racist Revenge?


Pre-election threats are now being honored

By racist business owners we’re being told.

They want us to know that we stepped out of the lines they’d permanently assigned us

And they’re convinced that their retaliation is Godly and right.


Racists will deploy many more Jim Crow missiles,

Hoping to get our apology and retreat

But remember that our eternity was never in question -though we believed it

Thus if we must die its better to go with intact humanity and integrity

Than giving in to racism, that’ll have some living as mice, and not men.


Many disasters have now shown us that humans can live for very long periods

Without water and nutrition; and in cold, darkness, pain and distress.

People covered in rubble after Haiti’s earthquake have proved that

As well as Chilean miners and more.


Also, as black people, we’re from the strongest stock of humans

And this storm too will pass, over our cool heads that we must allow.

Young brothers (who’ll be most affected) perceive now your best  reaction

To keep you alive and out of Prisons for the rest of your lives.


A new era has truly arisen, to create from the nothingness around us.

As our ancestors did, after they were emancipated empty handed into a hostile world.

Our genes are therefore programmed like the phoenix;

But first we must strive to Know Ourselves!


Let’s commit to supporting one another from this moment onward,

Not by giving our behinds then defecating from vocal orifices.

But instead; give up petty gripes keeping us vulnerable, divided and weakened.

So that those with ulterior motives can have easy access to our links that are weakest

As have been done to discredit, divide and disband most black group that formed

with intentions for the best interest of the majority before.


Again! diverse individuals voted to reinstate President Obama and succeeded

And we must continue, with intentions for Hope and Change from heart to heart

The President may still have haters intent on discrediting his efforts

So we must fortify ourselves at local grassroots level

To survive perilous economic times ahead!!


P.S. This is my rendition of a comment that was written by commenter cb1821 on the Root, on the subject of 2nd-Term Opportunities for the Black Agenda. Many questioned black people’s collective sense to overwhelmingly vote yes to a second Obama’s term. It is an answer which many are pondering, and cb1821′ ignited my take.