Rachael I agree that the Holocaust, could become a part of the narrative of civilization. However, I would go further to say that the foundational narrative of Civilization itself must first be cleaned up. Then that standard of truthfulness, will attract more narratives with greater degrees of truthfulness; to detox the overall racially polluted consciousness of mankind.

As it stands today, the default racial prejudice in the world, is that Negro/Blacks are inferior to everyone else. (Always were, and always will be). Many amongst us would like to think that we know better, and don’t support such nonsense. But unfortunately, the world has programmed us all to be double-minded in just about everything. Therefore even when the contrary is obvious, obedience to the erroneous decrees of racist authority figures will kick in, to override what many know to be the truth. (And surprisingly; not even Negro/Blacks have been able to properly reconcile in our minds; the problem of putting ourselves last).

At the same time, all are encouraged to avoid “false two dichotomy” or “black and white thinking”. As if we’re really mostly choosing one of two options at all times, instead of two; while believing its one. However; our default nature (as programmed by God) automatically compel both. So that while we vigorously try to do the thing we know is better -like seeking to live by truth-. By default of “Obedience To Divine Authority Figure”, as long as we also accept as correct, the idea that Eve (and subsequently us) deserve God’s punishment for Eve’s Original Sin, then our default as established by God, is that we should not have had the ability to discern falsehood from truth, and evil from good.

So while we intend to live by the truth, which will set us free” and embrace the idea of “taking responsibility for our own actions”. The concurrent default belief that Eve was wrong to eat the fruit, which activated hers and our ability to know truth, will work to prevent us from fully honoring the truth, we think we uphold.

With its many examples of simultaneously honoring two opposite ideals; the Bible by default, have therefore desensitized us from full honoring Truth and Justice. This is consistent with how the universal marginalization of Negroes, compel so many to see the greater impact from the greater evils of the Trans Atlantic Slavery as less than than the impact of the Holocaust on the Jewish people. And this is in-spite of the known fact that the Holocaust lasted for less than 25 years, and eventually united the world against the evil regime of Hitler, and Nazi Germans.

On the other hand; instead of Europeans uniting to end European enslavement of Negroes in a reasonable period, they united to keep it strong for centuries. In which time, uncountable millions of Negro Africans were prevented from using their humanness and humanity for themselves. And Europeans have allowed rewards from such an outrageous crime against humanity, to be overtly and covertly transferred to succeeding generations of Europeans, who’re still collecting compounding rewards. While succeeding generations of Negro/Blacks were bequeathed with pain and suffering, which is still transferring compounding degrees of suffering and pain.

And as stated before; even the civilization stories that we accept today have been racially bamboozled and corrupted by omitting important contributions of Negroes, or at other times, simply assigning Negro achievements to Arab, Asian or European names. So the idea of civilization itself, I repeat, needs to be revamped. And if we can address the underlying default belief of inherent White Superior Always vs Negro Inferior Always (which is officialized, universalized and immortalized in the collective human psychic) then; as I have often said, an unprecedented degree of: true brotherly love, happiness and relative peace would instantly envelop the earth, and mankind.

This will only not happen, because at present too many powerful people are energized by Wars. They want the majority who prefer differently, to live under persistent stress from the double-mindedness, that the Bible and God subconsciously compel, in example after example that fills His Book. (While simultaneously warning us against the negative nature of a double minded man).

Another reason why a more sane and harmonious world could not manifest soon, is that maybe inside of all groups; is the idea that if one steps back with claims for exclusive benefits, in lieu of working for the empowerment of the majority together; then individual group stories that now take top and center stage will loose steam. And maybe; within every group is still the need for “my individual group” to get preferential treatment from everyone else. “So when I call for all to be more loving and understanding, I just mean for all to give my group more understanding and love”.