As a Midwife in a predominantly black country, I was struck by the fact that babies from two black parents didn’t start out with black with Negroid hair (which society has put down as nappy). Most black babies start out with little skin pigment and Caucasian-like hair. Some could babies could even be mistaken for Caucasian at birth. Two parents from no other group of humans have this ability. Two white parents cannot produce a baby that later end up with the distinctive hair that needs a special classification (aside from black hair) since there are black people in every group of humans, whose hair is most similar to Caucasian and not indigenous African black.

In the 15th century Catholic Popes instructed European Christians to set sail and find new spaces on earth to be colonized by whites, in order to please their God. The people they found in any new land, were to be maimed, enslaved or killed, if they didn’t follow whatever rules Europeans introduced. Europe at that time, (though relatively underpopulated, in comparison to today) felt that they didn’t have enough land and wealth, and those selfish and greedy intentions led them to commit the endless crimes against non-white humans, that still afflict mankind today.

The more white people traveled the world and found that everywhere existed people of color with infinitely more untapped natural resources than Europe held, the more Europeans decided that they must own and control everything they saw. Doing so required a different mindset that would keep humans in the majority forever fearing the invading minority, and with that Europeans overtime divided all of humanity into races, with themselves being the first and supposedly superior to everyone else.

In the watery ocean of the womb it seems, the precious commodity of black melanin is not dispersed in full. The full potential is present, but does not show until later. So the nearly 100 babies that I’ve delivered, all started out with light to white skin, and silky hair. Hair changing relatively soon. And every Negro, as well as all the other variations of black retains ability to produce straight hair throughout life. As evidenced by eyelashes and eyebrows no different than that of Caucasians, throughout a Negro/Black life.

So if Negroes alone have the ability to produce what everyone else has; plus UNIQUE abilities that NO OTHER has!! Could subconscious envy; be propelling humanity’s children, to eliminate the root from whence all came? Do Negroes possess vital ingredients that can’t be transferred through cloning, or stolen by might? And can everyone called black do what Negro/Blacks can do? So shouldn’t Negro be distinguished as the root of all Black, as well as the root of everyone else? Has it not earned its right to stand up by itself, without arrogance or boast? Or shame from the lie, that others who envy it, propose?

But, how could it be possible for such great hate and envy to secretly be in the recesses of mankind, like a computer virus, you ask? And if so, how can it be removed? Or why should the the liar, who benefits from promoting his lie, care to remove it anyway? I say that we can be sure that its there, because of the dominant irrational FEAR OF NEGROES that most possess to some extent! Including Blacks to Negroid-Blacks.

It happened the same way that all animals and humans accept the Lion as the King of Beast. It’s not discussed, its just believed. The Lion knows it; therefore holds less fear for predators that are much stronger than itself. And just as the King of Beast status for the Lion, might be argued to be a “False Reality” projected as Truth (yet still benefits the lion) so too, the collective subconscious of humanity has accepted a false, “White-Superior v Black-Inferior” reality; which instantly compels each to act in accordance to what their “False Realities” dictates.

On a wider level, it also compromises the universal love and world peace, that could be more easily attained, if more people were willing to see that all have been maliciously compelled to hate our collective root. Then work to delete or override that malice, which breeds: arrogance, greed, undue and continuous fear, envy etc. all of which (plus more), by blocking out ever-flowing Love, are hardening the arteries of our collective Souls.

So with all of the above said; just starting to honor the word Negro would immediately create a shift in Negroes, who’ve suffered the most from the defilement of the word. Being comfortable to use the word, will command the Negro root of humanity to Love themselves more, therefore daily, assiduously and automatically by default, start generating more loving vibes in the world.
Now, since Black comes in many shades, and as stated above, the blackest of black with a particular kind of hair are those treated the worst, there’s need for the black person who gets the most flack to be distinguished from ones who cannot understand his personal plight. As no man’s words of condemnation has the power to defile a person, unless by Divine conviction, one had already accepted himself as defiled, because of insinuations or clear statements, from his Bible or God!

So again, Negro is the best word I have found to describe the human root. And regardless of how the word has been defiled historically, it is our right to take it and reprogram it for ourselves. (The same way that the official, universal definitions for BLACK is exponentially worse than Negro, but we have decided that its all right to retain it, as official code.

At present most Blacks get really offended when its pointed out that we (to different degrees) despise our race, even more than we despise those who’ve historically and continues to cause us harm. But just think of how much more we could gain, if without holding guilt or shame, we work to delete the mess, that we all know is there, (regardless of how we don’t want to hear it), with daily doses of self and race love, in thoughts, and deeds.

“It is what it is!”. And continuing to deny it, without critical examination, will only generate negative vibes -that denying truth does. Just as, trying to be politically correct; by agreeing that the racism of White Superior vs Black Inferior doesn’t exist anymore, serves to reinforce it by default. Since we won’t be prepared to eliminate a wrong, that we don’t allow ourselves to see.

The Superior Conducting Power of The Subconscious Mind v. The Conscious

It’s now accepted that no one escapes the cultural programming he was born into. And that, nearly 99% of our waking hours are propelled by the powerful subconscious mind. A subconscious that is a million times more powerful than the conscious. Whose installed contents, were mostly done without our conscious awareness and will. Those subconscious programs (good or bad) have been running for much longer than our new desires in the conscious. They consist of the way our mother felt about herself and the immediate and world community that influenced her while she was pregnant, plus all of our other subliminal societal influencing up to age 7.

So how we feel about the world around us, and how that world will treat us, were all downloaded in us, way before we had the ability to decide on better meanings, and better ways to live in the world. Then, if when we start using consciousness, more things in the world especially our Bible/God, reinforces that black is sinful and evil, and the blacker the worst. Then although you can change that, without acknowledging what is in the controlling program, the new conscious documents will not be able to synthesize. Repeated error is what will come up. And you’ll have to make some basic changes in thoughts, before you can get the two to blend and give desired results.

From that perspective; all of our self-sabotaging ways from those of the intelligent to fools amongst us, make perfect sense. Being products of a world system that for centuries, have daily reinforced that we were inferior, surely must be the strongest reason for our overall pathetic conditions worldwide. And although the world has stopped using the most blatant labels, and stopped the most brutal actions to make us accept that we are non humans. The world has retained its institutionalized encoded meanings and symbols in: books of learning, dictionaries, bible, ways of speech, beliefs, and countless other subliminally instructed ways, that no one can escape, on the necessary journey of Western Education, and Judeo Christianity, in order to be considered civilized and refined enough to “fit in”.

Consequently, in-spite of a significant, and growing number of Phd. Afros in every area of academics, as well as many millionaires; we can’t seem to transfer individual successes (in relatively significant amounts) to impact the group in ways that reflect that the more upward mobility that individuals gain, the more they “want to” and “try to” impact their root group –as other groups have demonstrated can be done. Since, while other groups create businesses in their communities and know that their own will support it, we don’t support our own, and willingly take our businesses to everyone who has exponentially more than us.

What else therefore could have such a great hold on our collective psychic, except the majority of the information in our powerful subconscious storage system, that for centuries says we are not humans, and our strengths should only uplift humans, and not our sub-human selves? How will it be removed if we can’t even allow ourselves to accept that possibility, so that we know the right tool, to do the best deleting job? And if we don’t get to the root, which is the complete negation of our blackest, how will any of our methods do any better than what has already been achieved?

So again, by using the computer analogy, the new documents we created in our conscious mind, still had to conform to the rules of the programs of the subconscious mind. However that subconscious program is not flexible. Its truly garbage in and garbage out. We cannot even delete it per-se, but we certainly can override it, by repeating the preferred information, until they become the dominant vibrational pathway. (That is my best attempt from a computer novice).

And since repeating the new for it to dominate is so important, I am going to repeat that: old subconscious installations have familiarized themselves with us, since utero, up to age 7 (the formative years). During which a lot of society’s lies about us, went in. All of our mother’s fears from the local and world environment of her times. The subliminal rules imposed on her’s and her race’s lives, became the values we inherited, to guide our lives. Its actually a very good tactic that nature uses, in-case mom dies at birth, or we’re separated from our family herd, before the conscious intellect chips in.

Throughout all of the changes in our individual lives, and our race’s history, the CONSTANT is the color of our skin. Bearing in mind that society programmed us to believe that Blacker equals more Sin, and Worse. So we simply cannot get around dealing with the Word Black, and by default, blackness has already decided that there’s one shade of black that is the worst of all. Consequently, its also useless if we don’t pay special attention to Negro, the blackest of black.

When we KNOW OURSELVES as our ancient ancestors admonished us, it won’t matter what malicious subliminal messages are being projected to us everyday. With daily assiduous efforts and intentions, we can override the dominant negative programming that are working on auto-pilot, in our lives.

At present, based on how we were taught to hold onto God fearing; we’ve daily wasted much good energy; that could reprogram our minds, just as a computer we would. Its really not that hard to see that its not possible to accept the invocations of other people’s all-mighty Deities -not even in our Image. Who suggests that we may be Cursed, but others Chosen; and not be as collectively devastated as we are worldwide -in varying degrees.

And just as we couldn’t put garbage information into a computer, and expect to get back profit making results, so too we must ask ourselves, what good is a God if he wants us to see ourselves always as unworthy and worthless sinners. Added to other humans forcing us to go even further with junk about ourselves? So in-spite of what a respectable documentary wants us to believe, (in their effort to continue the trend of usurping the genetic preeminence of the color BLACK). I still say that the root of humanity goes beyond just BLACK, to NEGRO/BLACK.

Thus, it behooves us to start appreciating our single helixed follicles, which are deceptively longer than it seem on the surface. It is a precious, unique commodity, not meant to be denuded with toxic chemicals. And like Black skin, Dark Matter and Dark Energy of the universe, are Mystically endowed with secrets for the safety and continuation of the universe and mankind. The coiling that hides the true length of our hair, is something that happens only with important structures and processes in nature, like DNA.

However the combination of the blackest black, with negroid-hair, produces the most unique human. One that can replicate all others, but itself cannot be duplicated by external methods. So the word Negro should not be afraid to be embraced.

And I hope I’ve explained my preference for the word, though it turns off a lot of the people, whose attention I want to capture. And I stand to be corrected by a BLACK doctor/scientist with the best interest of his/her race at heart, who can tell me that its BROWN and not BLACK who has the genetic ability to create all the shades and hair texture of mankind. And if that is true, then current White Race Scientists owe it to the world; to clearly debunk the racial evils their ancestors sowed in the minds of mankind. Stop creating DVD with ambiguities that do not clear up the False Realities of the past.

There’s no ambiguity about whether or not, whites are the root of humanity. (As men like Charles Davenport and the Eugenics Movement got humans to believe -with race charts showing all humans branching from whites). Now we’re to accept that there’s just One Race. But such information is not in text books, to inform the impressionable minds of tomorrow’s leaders. This refusal of scientists to inform lay people better; is also affecting Gays. Where Drs. now have enough knowledge to clarify whether homosexuality is a choice or not. (Which as far as I know, is no more of a choice, than for a black person to rid himself of his color, without causing grave damage as Michael Jackson did).

So, my response to the respected Scientists who’ve moved from white, to now brown humans as humanity’s root: I’ll say, historical racial lies also came from well respected Scientists; funded with taxpayer’s money. Which also claimed irrefutably that humans were Negroes or different groups of Caucasians. A revelation which in 1922 in Takao Ozawa v. U.S. petitioned the Courts to grant him citizenship to the U.S, since American Race Scientists had applied their supposed scientific testing to prove that Asians (Japanese, Chinese, Indians etc. were all Caucasian). However; when it came down to granting others (who were corralled into the group called Caucasian) equal privileges to Whites (which at one time was exclusively synonymous to Caucasian), he was flatly denied.

Six months later, in 1923, a South Asian Indian Bhagat Sing Thind tried his luck. Again he was denied. And wore, all of the privileges that: black, brown, red and yellow Caucasians were allowed to amass before, were revoked. Japanese farmers and other business had their property confiscated and sold to whites. (Many of whom were envying and hating the results of other people’s hard work all along). Mr. Thind, a wealthy businessman, after loosing his hard work in the U.S. and unable to go back to India, killed himself, a month after his loss. And although the world has come a long way since those awful events; (as stated before) such nonsense were never officially and universally debunked. Therefore to some extent, still informs the minds of Scientists and all.

As members of a global society, we’re all still products of universal anti-Negro sentiments. It is even expressed in the fact that crimes which constitutes 10 times more than street crimes annually are labelled White Crimes, and get punishment that amounts to being locked up in a Country Club quite often. And while the only thing white about those crimes, is that they are committed mostly (not exclusively) by WHITES.

In conclusion, Negro can create all shades of black, as well as all groups of humans. But since a black Indian cannot be called a Negro (though can be blacker than some Negroes) to just cover all of the people considered black as just BLACK, is to honor the offspring as more than the source from whence they came. Which in fact might be what negroid-haired humans are doing, with our preference for straight hair, at the expense of denuding a precious commodity, that is uniquely unique.

And as usual I say; that if there’s someone who knows that what I say is wrong, please educate me. As its a terrible thing, when a seeking mind spills out its ignorance, because available truth, it did not know.