Recently in the Jamaica Gleaner, there were reports of many babies and children ending up in Hospitals with indications of severe physical abuse. A few days later in the U.S., a study suggested that black parents were seriously abusing their children, more than any other race. Still no one wants to visit the root problems that afflicts Negroes uniquely. Which is, that Post Traumatic Slavery Disorders in Negroes are real, and needs to be addressed once and for all.

Such a thing is Politically Incorrect we’ve been made to believe. And many who are not affected similarly, claims that such an idea is just a “cop out”. Therefore we continue to ignore the cries of our youths for loving attention. Then when they act-out; out of frustration; some beg for more Prisons to be built; more laws to be enacted to increase their restrictions. And the viscous cycle continues unchanged.

But how can Post Slavery Problems not still be with us, I want to ask us? When all Negroes in all parts of the Americas (North, Central/Caribbean and South) have had an exponentially longer period as enslaved people; than the time since we’ve been free. Are we forgetting that its only in the 1960’s when Negroes in the U.S. marched en-mass, that real freedom started for Negroes the world over? Even though slavery had ended at least a century before?

And are we forgetting that on plantations our people had no right to their own bodies. That a black girl and woman could be raped in-front of her children and men at any time of day, by any white boy or man? Then as punishment for the rape (they had no power to stop) white women would increase our women’s workload, and harass them in any way they could. And since anyone could be sold from their kin at any time without notice; the best strategy for our people was not to develop any bond with their children, opposite sex, or even themselves. And to ensure that they had the best chances for surviving, harsh physical punishments had to be employed, in preparation for the later physical abuse that most were sure to receive.

So let us think about it seriously people. Was it possible for a race of people to disconnect themselves from themselves; (as a strategy of survival) for centuries; and after not even 100 years, not have passed down such dysfunctional life strategies in the gene pool? And further think about. Has slavery not just morphed into new ways, by new names since abolition was gained? Are we believing that we’re fully free at this time? Is there one black country in the world, where the abuse that poor people visit on their children, is not repeated by leaders who care nothing about people with black skin?

So it is with those thought in mind, that I am attempting to present a different way of thinking, in hopes of helping the many as myself, who suffered from severe depression for most of my life; therefore was most self abusing and sabotaging to myself and kids. And no!  I did not break any veins or bones. But I am sure I broke their hearts numerous times, with harsh words, from just not knowing how to properly think, cope and give love.

So, concerned fellow Negro humans; listen-up, a secret I have to tell

I envisioned a God in our own Image, with our own best interest in mind.

Not the Judeo-Christian (implied) White God image.

No! This was the God from whom enslaved Jews in Africa, crafted their God.

This Negro God heard our cries for solutions to our continuing dilemma

And said we must loose the Gods of other People’s Images

That are obstructing the better results we seek.

The God in my vision told me to tell you

That our answers must come from inside ourselves

We must fully SANKOFA our minds to Know Ourselves again, fully

Its a law of life to which every race should conform.

As predominantly or exclusively embracing the Gods of others

Will lead to despising and negating ourselves

It will lead to fulfilling the wishes of others

While suppressing and sabotaging our own race needs.

She said to feel no more guilt or shame for the pain we’ve been attracting

Just start with new thinking from this moment on.

She said we couldn’t do better before a reasonable period of pay-back had ensued

And for the past 500 years, survival, necessarily consumed our minds.

She said to expect the majority of ears to be hardened against this new message

That my life will be threatened to shut-up and go away

But she reminded me that I’m a Spiritual being manifesting in the physical

Eternal Energy, that can only be transformed, not destroyed.

She said we reaped what we long-ago sowed, by our enslavement

And we should’ve moved up, like all other groups who too were oppressed

But it was never intended to end our exploitation after emancipation

Therefore various tools were devised and automatized to keep us not realizing

our still enslaved condition

Wherein; seemingly innocent institutions like the Bible and Western academia (verbatim),

daily poison our collective psychic

By subliminally instructing us to hate our image while loving everyone else.

And just like on the plantation when it was dangerous and unwise to feel attachment

to each other

Today a significant amount of us, from the elite to the lowly are unconsciously displaying

same ways.

Which is obviously more conspicuous in the poor and uneducated

But is no different when Negro leaders act like Puppet Contractors for outsiders

With whom they collude to extract and extort community resources

While a majority of their constituents are kept abjectly poor.

English dictionaries then tell us that we’re inherently: Wicked, Evil, Immoral,

Worthy of Condemnation, Soiled, Dirty and more.

Thus we were criminalized and dehumanized even before we were babies

And subconsciously we saw ourselves as worthless; and deserving punishment;

just everyone else is subconsciously programmed to see us too.

So how could many not now punish our children more severely than other races

When we’re the only race so Officially and Universally criminalized, dehumanized,

and demonized by books we can’t just forsake?

Against all those odds, however, we accumulate billions in our communities annually

like all others, not so maligned.

Which we seem subconsciously compelled to turn over hastily

To those who provide us with toxic hair and skin altering products,

To augment the image we’ve been programmed to despise

Millions more go to maintain our boys and men in Prisons; built by our tax dollars

The millions more as tithes, for Churches, implying we’re cursed.

Subconscious guilt keep us seeking such great punishments

Along with unending fear of a God who requires our exclusive allegiance

While demanding that we do so, with unending fear of his wrath.

Belief that life is only a One Time Shot keep us stuck in bad situations

Thinking that any kind of living we must dearly maintain

As we might never get another chance.

But everyone’s eternity is a given God informed me to tell you

And that eternity cannot be revoked, no matter how evil one has been

What matters is that we purify our consciousness in every moment of living

With loving, empowered thoughts, feelings and deeds.

She said to look around at many who seem most blessed and lucky

Yet, aren’t necessarily doing good deeds for the abundance they reap

They simply believe that they’re worthy and deserving

And unflinchingly expectant, til what they perceive, manifests

We’re perishing from incorrect knowledge about life’s mystic workings

And are programmed to hold tightly to the tools of our demise.

Just as we first used our Scriptures to trick others to also put themselves last

And instead, focused on fulfilling our needs with their lives.

Enslaved Jews simply copied those lessons from ancient Egyptians

Then later, with collaborative translations of others, got us to deny ourselves

In favor of everyone else.


So Enough Is Enough she is saying

We’ve paid and overpaid

And we must now end this prolonged period of unnecessary suffering

By putting the needs of selves and race, foremost and first.

Stop joining everyone in condemning the reactions of our youths to the

constant harassment and obstruction they face.


We all have been hurt severely by each other

Many have already given up on trusting any who look like ourselves

But we must forgive as we have learned to do for others

Who (in the greater scheme of things) have done us exponentially more wrongs.


So, stop trying to do or say anything, that might make others feel guilty

While, our youths’ heart cries we refuse to hear and address.

Stockholm Syndrome is understandable in us collectively

Which we must acknowledge in order to properly remove


There’s much hope for us still, and we just need to decide and commit

To end the abuse we’re all doing to each other to some degree

We couldn’t do better, when our state of siege has never ended

But now; with attention to individual and Race Love

We can finally fully overcome.


We will! regain race health and dignity she reiterated

By the simple act of looking at each other close up everyday

Say things like: I love you, How can I help you to be happy

Let us work together from this moment onward, to heal our collective pain.

Seek to know the God inside ourselves and each other

And loose the Muslim/Arab/Allah Image

The Asian/Indian/Buddha Image

And the White/Christian/Image we most adore.

Those images are all Good, Holy and Right for people of those Image

But we will only OVERCOME she said

By embracing the God in our own image.

In the action of mutual loving,

With every breath we breathe; when we meet and greet!