Dear conscientious Americans; pondering the post effects of racial and sexual abuse

In which leaders now wrestle with how to treat those accused, or how to make victims somewhat whole

And still, even some who’ll make the ultimate laws and policy going forward

Are already guilty of the same crimes they’re being called on to address.

As one who’s recovered from dysfunctional effects of childhood sexual abuses, I know for sure that the number of guilty persons will be too many to be fired or shamed. Abuse of women, and denial of the Civil and Human Rights of too many

Went on even with the Bible’s God knowledge, instruction and participation

Therefore, to attempt to resolve modern-day sexism and sexual abuse of women

Without addressing default misogyny and racism from God and the Bible,

Is nothing but an exercise in a great farce.


So please leaders in Politics, Mass Media, Entertainment and those still in the process of recovery

At least humor me by lending me your minds and ears; as I state to you

That without first addressing institutionalized white supremacy racism, and indefensible and nonsensical supposed wisdom from the Bible and other books of influence

We’ll continue to say much, but nothing significant will change.


And while we must acknowledge problems that need to be abolished

Let’s be clear that what’s been done can’t be undone

We can change the nature of what we attract from every situation from this moment onward

By replacing negative programming installed in us, when abuses we repeatedly endured

Every abused victim must start believing, that it’s every man’s right and duty, to put his own interest foremost and first

And we couldn’t do better mostly, before we moved from You Oriented to Me Oriented

Or before we had the courage to perceive a more wholesome ideal about God, life and everyone else.


We’ve accepted a God that is very tribal, and profess to have groups that are Cursed and Chosen

Yet we’re to believe that he created us without our request, informed consent or right to refuse

Then placed us on an earth among men that are already sin filled

And from day one we too were sin-filled, since the Bible tells us we were born in iniquity and sin


If we try hard and win in anything, we’re expected to give all the glory to God

But if we tried and failed we should blame the devil or see and condemn fellow humans as enemies of ourselves and of God

But what difference is such a God from a race-baiting, violence-inciting President or leader

Whose insecurities like the being called God must constantly keep ordinary humans divided and conquered

So that some will always remain loyal to them, to fight battles to keep them in power

Even with clear evidence that they’ve always given excessive service, praises, and loyalty

For benefits that are no more extraordinary than rewards from any fellow man.


There has to be a culture where victims and victimizers can come clean without recrimination

Except for those abusers who refuse to admit, apologize and commit to amend

In the presence of clear and compelling evidence that what they’re accused of is most likely correct

So let’s not quickly fire all of the accused, who we’re told of

When the majority of the guilty will never be revealed
Let’s enable the wisdom of Nelson Mandela to flourish

Who did not seek revenge on countless white South Africans

Who were guilty of violently and completely disenfranchising black

South Africans; for more than 50 years.

For sexual assaults, it may be 1; or 9 of 10 men who’re guilty. Plus female perpetrators exist too. While for racial injustice against blacks and others of color. National policies and politics have for centuries been set up to exploit, diminish and keep black people inept and destabilized worldwide.

Still, shaming and firing every guilty person will never end those problems

While resolution can be sustained, if we uproot and delete default programs of “isms”

Which for too long have robbed too many of their rights to prosperity and true freedom

While empowering leaders with insatiable greed, malice and callous drives.

National sensibilities from past decades have too slowly been changing

Because, while most engage outward actions to attain better

Fear has kept many from challenging and deleting the greatest programs of universal influence

From Gods who’re racist, sexist, vindictive, nonsensical and petty

And whose negative actions we excuse, just as we do for some men.

Consequently, even though most knew that with great power comes great corruption

Many blacks continue to endure generalized abuses, for centuries, decades and year after year

Starting since early European settlers (in the current U.S.)divided a single human specie

Into different races, with whites supposedly being superior to all else.

Nonetheless, we can appreciate that veils have been lifted from many enabled epidemics

And a new culture can evolve that’ll more quickly and fully elevate our collective minds

Where racist and sexist thoughts may no longer be conserved and unleashed as weapons for the mass destruction

Of any, who the leading powers have historically targeted and marginalized.

I repeat! racial suppression and oppression have been the worst of all evils

Even while black people have historically accepted oppression as God’s will

Which is worsened under the governance of a supposed God-approved White House

Where the God of the Bible seemingly does not object to constant lies and racism; as he’d condoned so many times before.

Let all now feel free to tell their truth, with dignity and courage

Being confident that it matters not who we were yesterday, yesteryear, or the last moment

All that should matter is who we’re becoming; now that better options prevail.

Senator Al Franken has admitted, apologized, and committed to changing

He should therefore be left in-place to demonstrate his upward growth

While Mr Moore and President Trump who’re unrepentant and unapologetic

Should be given the logical treatment, that their retrospective stance suggest.