Negro/Blacks are disjointed, disenfranchised, disgusted, distressed, disunited, dispossessed and diseased in collective mind. We couldn’t avoid these conditions, since for the past 500 years we have been surviving in a world against our race.

However it matters not who we were yesterday, yesteryear of the last moment. All that matters is who we are becoming from this moment to the end of time.

The world has been taught to hate and distrust the color black. The world has been taught that the Negro race are primitive and inferior. Therefore subconsciously even Negroes believe that the race deserves the treatment it gets.

Today therefore, more than 90% of black women will not be caught “Dead!” or “Alive!” wearing our natural hair or liking our blackness. We’ve diminished ourselves to just a percentage of our authenticity, while unable to become 100% of any other race.

Because of that the more of Western values that we adapt, the more that adaptation turns us those amongst us who have not attained so much white values or conformed.

Black Judges, Attorneys, Police Officers, Medical persons, Teachers etc. exact the same injustice to blacks they meet as others who are not black. Often more-so than professionals of another race.

To restore our wholeness, we must acknowledge these things. In becoming aware, we can then commit to change. We needn’t feel ashamed. No one could escape being infused with the consciousness of the race and place in which he was born.

Even before slavery was over it was deliberated that we should remain serving unseen masters forever. As long as we didn’t know this that system could go on unnoticed and automatic forever. But now that we know, we can live more mindfully, therefore make our life energies serve our best interest first, before anyone else.