Many with black skin do not like to be called black

And their overall experience is different than those with Negro hair

Therefore I classify blacks with Negro features as Negroes

Though I know that many Negroes also hate that term

Nonetheless I have no better classification so far.

Many of us who’re Negroes are disjointed, disenfranchised,

disgusted, distressed, or collectively traumatized 

And we couldn’t avoid these conditions, 

When universal white supremacy informed the word for more than 4

centuries, that we were least and last to all.

Still it matters not who we were yesterday, yesteryear of the last moment.

All that matters is who we’re becoming from this moment on.

The world has been taught to hate and distrust our blackness

And that we’re primitive, unintelligent, inferior and defiled. Subconsciously we too believe such degrading nonsense.

Causing more than 90% of black women to still refuse to wear our hair natural or truly like a black skin tone 

Consequently we daily profile just a percentage of our authenticity,

While unable to become 100% of any of the groups we prefer.


We were taught to believe that we had no culture or education

before Europeans kidnapped and enslaved our ancestors

Therefore we still overlove every word and idea from all, and decry our African roots

Many black professionals like Judges, Attorneys, Police Officers, Medical persons, Teachers etc. exact the same anti black sentiments on black subordinates they’re in charge of.

Often to a greater degree than professionals of another race.


To restore our wholeness, we must acknowledge these dysfunctions.

Without becoming embarrassed, defensive or denying they exist

Knowing that it was hardly possible for any of us to escape the programming which was downloaded

To make us become and remain against ourselves for so long.


Way before we were emancipated it was deliberated

That our lives and labor would never be allowed to benefit ourselves.

Therefore instead of the comprehensive Reconstruction we were promised after emancipation.

Convict leasing was introduced to put black Americans in prisons

So that businesses could once again get our free labor 

From prisons instead of the plantations on which we once toiled.


Its now 400 years since the first slaves arrived in what is now the U.S

And now that we know, it is up to us to say No More

We must lose fear of our group oppression or extermination

Then with courage, use our life energies to serve our best interest first.