Re: Jamaica Gleaner News – ‘They must go’ – Lead Stories – Saturday | October 30, 2010
Saturday, October 30, 2010 6:19 AM
Good for Haitians. In this case, “beggars have to be choosers”. So taking back that little control of their lives, is the right move. (That is if they remain steadfast and don’t back down). Making up their minds that they’ll suffer more for a while if everyone leaves. But in the end it will be better than enduring miles and decades of unnecessary suffering at the hands of others, in return for only inches of good.

I am sure that the disease was accidentally transmitted by people with good intentions coming in to help, who were not screened for transmittable diseases. But the fact that so many have come in to help, with so little progress being made for the suffering, is too much stress on people who’ve been forced to accept so little for so long. At this point its better for Haitians to die on their own terms, than to die from the hands of others, who are giving so little in return.

Haitians must be aware that the precedence they’re establishing will go on for centuries. Just as when they agreed to pay France reparations for freeing themselves from the illegal ungodly enslavement that France had them in. Paying France reparations, instead of the other way round, set a WRONG precedent in Europeans’ minds. But that’s all right. They didn’t know better. They thought that they were dealing with honorable men, who had those rules for everyone. They couldn’t know that those rules were only for Blacks from Whites.

And today, because Europeans still want black people to silently give up our rights to our part of the treasures of the world, they will not allow the world to properly address the prevailing programming of White, and all others considered Caucasian Superiority vs. Negro Inferiority, that they (white Europeans) have programmed into the collective conscious of mankind. And to ensure that Negroes remain in the last and worst place that make all others feel comfortable,  Negro education, identity and validation has to be Euro-centrically attained and approved. Thus, the words and meanings that apply to us, keep us mentally enslaved, without observable Plantations and brutal work for a Master from sun up to sun down without pay.

The solution to that evil is for Negroes in general but Haitians in particular to look at life and God in different ways. We cannot expect to overcome, when our only way of looking at things are the ways that those who enslaved our ancestors decide.

Accepting that life is just a one time shot, in which one must please and appease a blood-thirsty, unjust God, who throws temper tantrums like a toddler. And who covertly reveal his racial identity by His Only Begotten Son and Chosen Group. Which is not Negroes, while He treats Negroes the worst at all times, will forever keep Negroes accepting nonsense as His Will. We’ll suffer in silent FEAR of God, and instead of doing a complete rejection we shout more Hallelujahs! Thank You Jesus! You’re To Be Praised!. And if any escape God fearing they still end up fearing fellow humans who have unlimited Weapons and Means to Massively Destroy any who gets in their way.

However one way or another, ALL WILL DIE! So its a waste of good energy to fear the inevitable, unavoidable. Therefore it is critical that all loose fear of death in order to stop accepting nonsense from weak men who fool us that they’re stronger and superior. (Regardless of the poof they show us, of their unlimited willingness to execute wanton evil on others, over and over again.

If we accept that the condition called death is only one of the inalienable transformations of eternal living, then we would live each day on our own terms. Uplifting ourselves and others as much as possible; without surrendering to unjust ways of Man or God.

Just as earthquakes, floods and hurricanes are necessary inconveniences to cleanse and re-balance nature; so too humans must alternately leave the greater pure energy existence to undergo the stages of one life-form or another, then re-emerge into that pure energy state for realignment with pure energy; after contamination from negative thoughts and actions that living necessarily entails.

And no; I cannot prove it! Just as you cannot prove God either. But which way would give us more power to reject the nonsense that others want to impose on us as God’s Will? Which would make you stand in-front of a Cannon or Firing Squad and say “Go to hell and do what you want to make your ego bigger than it can be without oppressing me. Coming to the end of one incarnation is not the end of life. And the next time we meet, know that the roles will be reversed. So make sure that what you do to me now, is what you’ll enjoy experiencing the next time around!!” Any group of humans would say that, to any amongst them who are shitting on their heads and telling them that its for their own good.>

Yet very few can express that empowered fearless stance from the indoctrination of a fearsome God who would prefer that we surrender to Slave Masters, than killing anyone who would dare force us to use our lives for them, instead of ourselves. Consequently lifetime after lifetime, we all seem to be engaging ourselves in doing the same wrongs to each other. And we’ll be stuck in those unbalanced modes as long as we refuse to live by new paradigms for God and Life. We were not meant to Know All Things At Once. Therefore its O.K. that better we didn’t know before. But now that we know better, it should be seen as Evil and Ungodly to continue to allow other men to have more benefits from our lives than we do.

For too long all humans have accepted as right and righteous, 5% of humans controlling 95% of all of the resources on earth. While 95% of us fight like Crabs in barrels to share the crumbs that fall from the gluttony of that elite 5%. Who reside in every country and every race and will not stop their insatiable greed and selfishness, until more humans take back the Full Rights to their lives.

In Haiti’s case, everyone wants to forget about the pact that European Nations including the U.S. decided on, to punish Haitians for freeing themselves from slavery. In which they ended up paying France illegal reparations which has kept them bankrupted for the past 200 years. A condition which would be tantamount to Germany demanding that Jews and the Allied Forces pay reparations to Germany for the damages Germany sustained from the resistance of the Allied Forces and Jews. (Which in a sense is what the U.S. voluntarily did for Germany and other European Nations, in the form of the Marshall Plan. A program which provided funds to repair Germany even though it was Germany who started WW2.)

Haitians should never have agreed to pay back one penny to France. If they had resisted that nonsense then, their Country wouldn’t have become the slum that it has been reduced to. And if they continue to complain today instead of getting rid of all the Agencies in their country doing next to nothing; they must look forward to more centuries of sustained poverty. While whatever little good is done dominate Newsreel worldwide as if its the norm.