Everyone skips around the root problem in the world and Jamaica
Of White Supremacy/ Negro domination from cradle to grave
Which must be addressed to end Negro oppression
As this flexing of muscles of a super power on already destabilized Jamaica
Must only be testing the collective resolve of Negro Jamaicans against being re-enslaved.

At the time of my first job in the Jamaica -in the early seventies
The Jamaican dollar was stronger than the U.S.
But like Haiti who freed themselves from the combined might of European enslavement
(Thus, has never been forgiven by Europeans in Europe and the Americas)
So too, Negro Jamaicans -who engaged more slave uprising than Haiti
Must be kept in a constant state of financial oppression; lest we convince any other
That Negroes indeed are the sole owners: of our bodies, minds and places of abode.

Negroes have collectively adopted the status of universal Prey for all of the world’s Predators
Forgetting that (by default) Predators need preys, more than the other way round.
Negroes lived on this earth alone for longer than all others
And those Negroes who can live naked and survive on seeds and berries
(Along with other hardy indigenous people)
Are the ones who’ll survive the other mega earth disaster which many fear.

This sun-dependent planet need the sun-tolerant presence of single helixed follicles and blackness
Just as Black Holes, Dark Matter and Dark Energy are imperative in space.
Which no one can completely decipher, but all know that without them, life would not be.

And didn’t God call light to come forth from darkness -which must’ve been there first.
Is Ying less necessary and important than the Yang with which its always entwined?
How then did black and dark become so unworthy, evil and cursed
If not be premeditated, malicious designs?

The facts of Jamaica’s unrest are now glaring and compelling
And on the surface Negro thugs seem completely out of control
But just as “out of many ONE suffer” would be a truer motto for Jamaica
So too, gangs exclusively destroying Jamaica, is also a mirage.

I don’t condone drug and gang dealings in garrisons or upscale places
Since criminality is not restricted to the poor.
So, if those at the bottom must be rounded-up and locked-up
Then with those who sustained them must also be jailed.

Successive leaders maintained and propelled Jamaica ‘s present dilemma
With adequate time on their hands to reflect and correct
But they remained mindless while paid with blood money
Thus deceptively manipulated social terror,
To justify corralling and imprisoning more Negro youths.

They impressed religiously deluded with shouts of Hallelujahs, Thank You Jesus!
While like gang leaders, are protected in political cocoons.
Thus, to sustain power they needed to do nothing to stop the imminent disaster
That now has all classes in Jamaica entrapped.

Poor black men are not the malicious destabilizers of Jamaica.
Many were babies in the seventies, when Western destabilization began.
Which today continues by different methods of execution
As the “Jamaica For Sale” DVD (from Jamaica Environment Trust) portrays.

So if the elite and educated could not stop the destabilizing of Jamaica by super powers
If the Churches in Jamaica which far outnumber places of employment could not stop it either?
How could the poor at the bottom not succumb to the covert malicious world game?

If we continue to address the wrong issues
All will become more ensnared and entrapped as the young black men so many now condemn
This must be the classic destabilization, divide and conquer methods engaged on our ancestors
Where some leaders colluded to sell our forefathers into the most ungodly inhuman Slave Trade.

Young Negroes are suffering just for their skin color
In a white dominated world, where some white men still insist
That the ego and self esteem of their race, must be maintained      by the total oppression and subjugation of all Negroes to differing degrees.

How much longer shall Negroes be forced to accept the most debased self-definitions
And since every word (including the word God) in every language came from the minds of humans
Who made the official universal definition of Black -in regards to persons:
Evil, Wicked, Cursed, Worthy of Condemnation, Without Morals, etc. etc.?
While all pretend surprise, when (by default) some impressionable minds so labeled,
Live down to the negative programming they received?

Since there are only Negroes being punished for crimes in Jamaica
It’s time for Negroes who honor their Negroness to get involved.
Any true attempt at Negro Mind Reprogramming and Rehabilitation
Must include the ‘I-sites’ of Rastafarians
Who’re the best respecter and repository of Negro bodies and minds.

The highly melinated are too denied and disrespected in Jamaica
And desperately need space, freedom and more hope in their land of birth.
So England and the U.S. I now beseech you; instead of touting your super pressures
Make provisions with reparations monies you’ve refuse to release
So that Negroes who choose, can return to their ancestors’ continental motherland,
Or honor their rights to be free of your constant interference in the West.

And mother Africa please hear the cries of your scattered children
Provide space for those who’re tired of Western dehumanizing, insanity-inducing games.
We know that you too are still under covert Colonization
But please! give your scattered children -who so choose- a change to come home!

In Jamaica Negroes are pushed backed from local beaches and coastlines,
For Tourists with sun-sensitive skin to exclusively enjoy?
Thus there’s no place for the poor to even cool off any longer
Just as environmentally sane fishermen, can no longer make their living
While tourists still snorkel, scuba dive and deep fish to their heart’s content.
Then to add more insults to their injured black bodies
Imported fish head is the good idea, someone decides they deserve?

Why does the National Housing Trust aid private construction companies
To build homes at prices and terms only rich foreigners can afford?
While many locals can only afford squatting at high risk?
Since there’s inadequate industries and infrastructure
For people to gain employment, thus aid themselves a yaad!

So Jamaicans a yaad, and in the diaspora.
Straight haired Jamaicans, of all skin shades.
Honest conscientious Jamaicans, in cyber space or outer dimensions.
Let’s put our hearts and heads together; and once and for all
Return Jamaica to a relative Heaven-A-Yaad standard!!
As in the 70’s, when the Jamaican dollar was higher than the U.S.

We cannot cower and acquiesce in fear of potential destruction from any super power
No super military on earth, is more powerful than a people realizing their right to control their bodies and minds
That attitude is now absolutely imperative especially for young Negro Jamaicans
Get up! Stand up! and refuse slavery tools of guns and drugs.
(The greatest weapons for mass human destruction; which Jamaica neither manufacture or grow).

Drug dons in Jamaica, stop allowing your personal greed
To cripple the minds and bodies of your people already weakened by:
Sinister, Covert, Exclusive White Rule.
Know that your profession is a mutually cancerous joy-ride.
Since, all cancers, will eventually kill the body that host it
Therefore, you’re disallowing your best self from shining,
By the mind crippling substances you provide.

And for the guilty as well as innocent (who by default) are now cornered
Remove all fear and shame from wrongs done in ignorance or conscious uncaring hearts.
Face the legal consequences for the crimes you committed
So that law-abiding conscious Jamaican can work to make things right.

Your eternal lives have not, and cannot be wasted
Even if in this lifetime you were never allowed to enjoy rights as other humans on earth.
Wherever you spend the rest of your lives from this moment onward
Spend every moment feeling love for yourself, your family, your race, then all of mankind.
Ligetimate wrongs had ensnared you even before your day of birthing
But worry not about that right now
Harbor no anger, malice or vengeful intentions
Let by-gone be by-gone, otherwise you’ll be swallowing poison daily
Which will continue to kill you, not the ones who did you wrong.

You still have your inner power for transformation
You’re not here to gain eternity, or wash away effects of sins
With which all are supposedly burdened
From ancestral wrongs, you did not commit
(As all are supposedly born in iniquity and sins).
At your most fundamental level you are energy vibration
And though your flesh and bones seem more real than anything
You’re still a more spiritual-energy-being, having a human experience,
Than the other way round.

Energy can only be transformed, but not destroyed forever.
And you may never fully wrap your mind around this concept
But you’ll soon see that holding it will do you more good than what you were first compelled to accept.

Your soul is, and will always be eternal
And those teaching us to keep our minds daily filled with God fearing
Are responsible for the continued dismal, pathetic state of the Negro race.
Fear leads humans to acquiescing to the evil intentions of evil people
So no Negro on earth should continue to hold fear of God or Man.

If God is a loving father who puts us on earth with billions of other sinful people
Why should we start out fearing him, without having any understand of the wrong we did?
Who comes up with such loose/loose human mind contortions
Except a sadistic, pathetic, weak-minded deluded being?

Your soul will be re-purified and re-nourished,
Rejuvenated and re-elevated to feel blissful and empowered every day.
Let no one convince you that your soul is now doomed for permanent burning in God’s oven,
For crimes -unavoidable by default negative programming
Committed in one lifetime.

If your crime is a small “black” lie or the bigger a “white” evil
You soul still cannot forever burn in Hell.
But even if that’s the case, you’re guaranteed a godly crowd.
Like those who’re still orchestrating your race’s destruction
Ministers who tell you to fear and serve God
While they ruin the lives of children, whom they molest.
Plus the super powerful who think its their right to own all of the world’s land mass and resources.
And will bomb and destabilize beyond recognition any country to dissent.

So, no matter how society condemns you
Just keep focused on elevating peace and happiness in your mind.
Know, that you can feel freer, happier, and less stressed,
No matter how much madness orbits your space.

I tell you this from my personal experience
Since today at age 55 I am happy and contented with no wealth that society would call wealth
Yet for 54 years I was the most unhappy, suicidal, depressed, fearful and nervous person, I know.

I tried many things to gain relief, including the Bible
But nothing worked significantly for long.
So don’t expect to totally rid your mind after a few weeks.
Just daily, assiduously keep repeating your actions with clear vision
Experiencing in your mind, the new person and life you prefer.

For 500 years we’ve assumed the world’s lowest profile as humans For 500 we’ve incorporated religious and racial nonsense that make us spend billions annually disguising our hair and looks.                      For 500 years we’ve stepped backward, sideward and pretzled   our bodies over and over.

Yet, the more we give the more they expect us to release            And their demands will only grow worse in disguised ways          Since true soul satisfaction reside in each person                              And cannot be gained by: constantly harassing, controlling,          and denying others their human and civil rights.

Last but not least, decision-making Jamaicans                            Consider as Einstein said in effect                                                      That a problem cannot be solved from the mindset of its origination                                                                                                 In other words, judgment for thugs cannot be executed by            the socially respectable                                                                              With “Unclean Hands and Unchanged Hearts!”