When your pain is being gay
And you’re hurt, ashamed or confused
And wonder if you should suffer another day.

If often you feel self-conscious with others around
And you hate to face the world but can’t hibernate
So again you get up and get out.

When confidences are betrayed
And you want to talk but don’t know who to trust
And you wonder if you’d been cursed in your mother’s womb.

When such thoughts you can’t stop or interrupt
And your head feels like at any minute it will explode
From endless thinking, anxieties fears and doubts.

“Turn Inside With Loving Thoughts For Your Best Friend -You”.

When you get to that point; and hopefully you’ll remember before you get so low
Know that death won’t end your eternal energy, you’ll only be transformed
So always seek to change your mood/vibration first, to recreate your state.

We’re constantly creating and recreating in repeated lifetimes
Who we are now, is based on causes from this life and before
So with corresponding thoughts, become who you’d prefer.

I don’t mean from Gay to straight -since being gay is a lesser problem
Than Christians who initiate and perpetrate hate in the name of God
Falsely believing they’re on some moral high ground for God’s Will

You have a right to live congruent to your inner drives
Christians or other don’t have the final say to your life
They’re unsure of their own salvation, so want you to join their fear.

But its you who own your life -not they
So don’t let them drive you to cower in shame and doubt.
Its their hate that should be deemed ungodly, not you, being who you are.

Think positive and empowered until your vibes are elevated
Just fake it, until enough repetitions make it real
Don’t intellectualize just now, visualize it into feeling real.

Close your eyes and breathe in the goals you clarified in your mind
One where God guarantees more than just His Chosen Few
And one that honors the inalienable orientation with which you were born.

You need no one’s approval to honor your birth orientation
You took no conscious action to become Gay
So take back the power you relinquished, when better you didn’t know.

Switch from thoughts of self-condemnation and fear to ones of self love
Say “I love you!” to yourself often and mean it and feel it
Which will keep your soul energized and purified, instead of polluted from fear.

Every Word Was Created By Man, Including “God” God Must Therefore Evolve

If you believe in the Deity God, wouldn’t He have created you Gay?
And did He give you a Gay or Straight choice?
So why would He make you Gay, only to sadistically condemn you to Hell?

God has been a changing concept from our earliest ancestors
They conjured-up their best at differing junctures of the human journey
And now its up to us, to elevate that concept from nonsense to sense.

Trust the feelings of your gut more than anything or anyone else
Know that what feels good to you is good for you
And I don’t mean a temporary fix from illegal stuff.

It would be nice if those you care about would accept you “as is”
But they may not love themselves either -therefore can’t love anyone else
So don’t take rejection as a flaw they see in you.

You know that you’re a swell guy or gal
So it’s their loss to not get to know the current you
Nor the greater masterpiece you’ve chosen to become.

I am now a 55 year, daily improving human masterpiece
Who at the beginning of 2010 became truly happy and no longer sad
My dilemma was not Gay, but still I was always thinking to end my life.

I knew well how to resolve everyone’s problems
I was a People Pleaser loving from Outside In -instead of Inside Out
Being everyone’s keeper, when I needed to be keeper of myself.

Today I love life and no longer miss any love or approval I don’t have
I no longer cower in fear and shame or relentless anxiety
Happiness is now my fundamental life-state regardless of what prevails.

So, if you’re sure you’re gay; No! you’re not ungodly, disgusting and perverse
You’re different! the way you were meant to be
And its now up to you, to not let others kill your Spirit, before you live.

Love and Care For Yourself From Inside Out Everyday

Good health will also improve your mood
Drink plenty of plain water, and more real than processed foods
Cut out sugary food as much as possible, and daily take deep cleansing breaths.

Walk with head and shoulders high
Expect happy outcomes, while daily breathing away fear and despair
And be sure to daily eliminate body waste.

Let what others think about you be their business, and no longer yours
And switch to thinking: I am happy, safe and loved instead of doom and gloom
Until a “critical mass” of happiness, become your foundation too!